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One more Judicial and Bureaucratic Atrocity laid at my door, which I, though dead broke {losing my websites] cannot heartlessly turn away! while I am attempting to defend all precious children and loving, worthy parents, right here on this website: License to Kill .us!                                                                                            TLR - 5/21/11


 -- An Innocent Child and his Father and Soldier; Paul David Shoemaker and his son Ethan!
  -- This is a story of Bureaucratic, Judicial, and Military betrayal of an Honorable Soldier and his Son. --

Ethan and Paul  I have a young father, Staff Sargent Paul David Shoemaker, decorated and honored in the Security Forces of the US Air Force, having served in Iraq, Korea, Japan, Qutar, Kyrgyzstan, (out of Hill AFB, etc, stateside) with commendations and honors in the last ten years, whose child was Internationally abducted, while all lived in Japan, from his legal custody by his morally deviant wife and taken into the drugs, sex, crime and mob environment of New York in-which she and her own registered sex-offender, child-molesting, violence-convicted, divorced father currently choose to live

Our young father (who is a 10 years honorably serving Military MP, so is trained and skilled in the court and law himself) has labored to get 2nd District Court Judge Glen R Dawson (Davis County Utah) to approve an Emergency Pick-up order so the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children can proceed to secure and return his vulnerable 6 yr old son, removing him from the Ethanenvironment of these drug, deviant sex and violence convicted felons.

But Judge Glen Dawson denied this young father and honored soldier's legitimate motion in behalf of his little son Ethan on a simple human "clerical" oversight -- a Proof of Service (5 pages "of inscribed lifeless wood-pulp" to protect a precious life  -- out of near a hundred other substantiating-risk documents) -- which he (the time-pressured naturally distraught father, Paul) in his desperation had overlooked, but immediately supplied and filed them with apology first thing the next day as he realized he had failed to insert it into his already voluminous brief -- which consisted of nearly fifty document born exhibits already with scores of damning convictions of this now ex-wife's associated, domicile providing and living space sharing father  -- clearly substantiated with scores of certified Police and Court records in this caring young father and soldier's emergency pick-up motion which he submitted in Utah's 2nd District Court.

So though IN-FACT this young father and soldier (as plaintiff) had satisfied ALL of the elements of the Law and had PROPERLY SERVED the "ex" wife (ie defendant); Judge Glen Dawson still chose to leave this child in harms way; and denied this honorable father and serviceman his already legal rights (per earlier Court-Awarded custody) and his REAL rights to protect and lovingly care for his child!

When did a temporarily missing or overlooked piece of paper or even five -- in-spite of the correct processes it only serves to represent anyway -- mandate the "conviction, incarceration and potential death sentence" of a defenseless young child? -- Where is Judge Glen Dawson's justice for this innocent little angel and his precious frame and soul?

We are attempting to press for redress and remedy this malfeasance of law and getting Judge Dawson to correctly re-consider his decision, based on the literal fact that ALL elements WERE properly satisfied -- the service of notice was done correctly and to the law! -- it is only the pieces of inanimate paper (humanly overlooked in the stresses overwhelming this already betrayed father and betrayed soldier) which was left out, for only one day, but immediately submitted the very next morning when he realized it was absent in the motion for Emergency Pick-up request filing -- for the protection of his defenseless child!

We need honorable associates, bold consultants and open influence to get Judge Glen Dawson to do the humane and right thing in the Law; that is to preserve this man's child! -- and restore the peace of this loving father -- and by so doing restore his focus -- to be abled to serve in the un-distracted alertness, which his duty demands, for the safety and safe-guarding of his companions and unit; which already he has done in his willingness to serve his Commanders, this Nation, you, I and all, including Judge Dawson and his children, at the risk of his own life in the US Military for us and all in the United States of America!

This violation and betrayal of simple human respect and rightful due process, and the deliberate endangerment of an innocent child at the hands of this Court and this Judge, is criminal -- and is not complimentary of the so-called US Judiciary, the Legal Profession, or of Judge Dawson himself and his staff of the 2nd District Court of Utah (presuming to serve the people of Davis County and Utah) -- and likewise "rubber stamped" by Commissioner Catherine Conklin who never read the file (see PaulsFlyer linked below) in Paul's honorable attempt to get his child out of harms way!

Also through the criminal influence of the ex-wife and her father, they effected the 100% garnishment of Paul's Air Force pay, so Paul's entire pay goes to this (child-abducting) daughter and her deviant father himself (presumptuously as her and Paul's child's caretaker). So Paul is left betrayed and destitute without one single penny to fight for his son as the daughter and her registered sex-offender et al. father get to take all that Paul earns and has [suing for even more], including his son -- sadly with the help of influence-corrupted court individuals [which include relatives of her father] and equally corrupted Air Force individuals of command [also benefited -- or blackmailed -- in their moral deviancy]).  Go figure that one out.

 Please share/publish this story, emailing it using this anchored link: http://LicenseToKill.us#betrayed, and show your support for this young dedicated Soldier and loving father, Paul David Shoemaker and his illegally taken, 6yr old son, Ethan Micheal Shoemaker.

 Here is a flyer we have distributed to Utah Legislators (specifically those responsible over Judiciary), Sen Orrin Hatch, Rep Rob Bishop, friends and key players in government and the public here (I gave some out at our Utah Republican Convention too). Please open, read, forward or print and share "PaulsFlyer.doc" with all you can.  

What is happening to our young men -- which damages their children, their families and their own sanity -- while they risk their lives in harms way purportedly to protect our County and their Commanders (Congress and the President) and the very Judiciary also protected while betraying them -- is immoral, an atrocity and an outrage!
 -- Sadly, Paul's story is not the only one!  Thousands of other service-men and women, whether deployed, assigned stateside or veteran, are being domestically violated with the help of the current parasites who have made their way into Bureaucracy, the Court System and Law, and who even initiate and / or perpetuate the betrayals to profit from it!

Thomas L Rodgers
801-298-9095 . . . . (you may call Paul Shoemaker directly 253-777-9569, or his supporting, loving mom Maria 360-464-1898 or 360-464-2054 [his decorated and honored Air-Force serving  father recently passed away].)
(Also see my battle for 34 million others possibly including you or those you love, who also are being betrayed, harmed and killed by immoral bureaucracy, medicine and law here at http://LicenseToKill.us aka http://PoisingThePoor.us -- and my beginning case defending our Tabernacle Organist's family: FamilyVsState.us. Google my name and subject and see much more.) tlr 5/21/11
Also consider becoming an active member of Utah Father's Rights Meetup Group

Please come to hearing  today Friday July 8 2011, 10am (9:30 better)
2nd District Court (~850 So Main) Bountiful, Judge Glen Dawson (ctrm 1)

-- Please wittiness as motions for Emergency Pickup and father's rights have been ignored along with UCMJ, SCRA and Utah's HB 401 - 2009   See if Justice (or Bond) will prevail!
-- Please attend, observe, learn and support this honorable father and the real Law!   (open, read, print, carry and share PaulsFlyer.doc)
 tlr 12:10 am 8 July 11

SenMikeLee-MariaJanet-8July11SenOrrinHatch-MariaJanet-8July11After Court Hearing
(8 July 2011) with Judge Glen Dawson, wherein Defense Lawyer, Fred Anderson, pathetically attempted his (untimely) motion to dismiss, to cover-up the deviant wife's kidnapping and the Court's flagrant ignorance, abuse and violations of Federal and State law -- specifically the UCMJ, SCRA, and Utah's HB 401 of 2009; Maria  Janet -- Paul's mother, who had acted for Paul in special appearance and with full Power Of Attorney in that Court this morning  (8 July 2011) while Paul was obligated in Military Duty without leave -- later reported to Utah's Judicial Conduct Committee (at the Mathewson Courthouse in SLC) -- then to Utah's US Senators Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee -- and several Utah State Legislators (including Rep Chris Herod, Rep Carl Wimmer, Sen Wayne Neiderhouser and others with us outside Salt Lake City Offices, across the street from the Mathewson Courthouse) this same afternoon.

All where disturbed to hear that both Federal and Utah State Law was flagrantly disrespected in their Utah State Courts -- especially when, by so doing, the Court, its Judge, Commissioner and Officers were leaving at risk an innocent child and also injuring his honorable duty-serving father.  

Maria also communicated (at my direction) those violations of Federal, but even more specific Utah State Laws, to Rep Tim Cosgrove, who sponsored  HB 401 of 2009, and to Lt Gov Greg Bell who was its Senate Sponsor (in that year that it unanimously passed in both House and Senate),
as well as to our current Senate President, Sen Michael Waddoups.

I already had opened this flagrant "ignore-ance" of the Law to our Utah State Judicial Committee (with most all of its 24) members at their recent interim meetings
 -- including their last interim meeting, 15 June 2011, when I took Paul with me and had him speak to many of the committee members personally, including Senate President Waddoups, and others of the attending public. I also took him to the AG's office so Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff and his staff are also aware.

Sadly other dedicated Utah (and National) Servicemen are likewise being injured and betrayed in this abusive of Judicial power, and by the legal system's profit driven heinous disregard of its own Laws -- and in their consequent
apathetic destruction of children, families and lives, without feeling any human caring or conscience for these young fathers who are sacrificing their own comfort, safety and happiness, losing their own limbs, sanity or even their very lives! -- or for their innocent children whom they cannot defend while they are off serving in harms way defending you, me, oblivious bureaucracy -- and even these malfeasant members of the Bar and Judiciary -- who, in the Law, trust and fact, should be protecting these young Soldiers in return -- but are not!
Thomas L Rodgers 9 July 2011


How and who helps make much of this work happen!
     Please know that almost  NONE of this life-saving information would be discovered, exposed and published if it where not through the humble, kind sacrifice of my dear friends Paul and Mary Mendenhall Paul on his land-- who are also struggling against other immoral opportunists who wish to short value or extort Paul's land, which was his inheritance and his only asset as a handicapped man with Cerebral Palsy from his birth.  So please also see Paul's story and help share and expose it to all you know in return for his care for the lives and safety of your families through his humble sacrifice with me and making possible this effort for you.Our experienced friend Tom Rodgers Paul did that though loaning me his prized vehicle (Ford Ranger pickup) which I had to borrow and use (since my own is broke down, still) to travel, investigate, document, publicize, and expose; then inform you in this webpage. So please put Paul and Mary in your prayers, then honor them and show thanks for his and Mary's love for you and your children wherever possible by sharing their story, while sharing this website with all, and supporting this labor being done for you and those you love or care about too. Paul's (and Mary's) story is seen at: CrossingTheMendenhalls.com

TomBettyI am grateful to Paul, in photo above, (and Mary) for kindly loaning me his vehicle, which in having to return, I am now again without transportation -- as this more than 2½ years of effort has dearly cost me and my supportive (kind-hearted, indigenous) wife [photographed here >> sacrificing with me], and my children, ALL of the resources I have had. Thankfully three other dear, kind-hearted friends, Shirley Norsworthy, KK Fowlks and Lynn Johnson have given all they could spare, to make trips possible to DC, Tulsa, to my Katrina Victims and Native American (including 
NCAI) gatherings. Please, if possible, donate a little to at least help me keep these websites open with this lifesaving information and by so doing keep making it available for you and others you may care about and love! -- and maybe also, so I can divert some of my own pennies to fix my 90 Plymouth Voyager again (maybe even fix my own broken dental partial) and hopefully keep my own utilities on which I have put off paying so I could keep the web open, while I struggle to write, meet with officials, the public, and with the victims -- to (hopefully) save 34 million others, including my now dearest Katrina [New Orleans, Mississippi Delta and Gulf Coast] victim friends and my Native American relatives and friends innocent lives!  
(I have been ask to go back to DC for my NCAI friends, their infants and others; I need another small miracle for that.)

Thomas L Rodgers                        (sometimes misspelled as the more common "Rogers" - but am not offended.)
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PO Box 304 Bountiful Utah 84011    
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