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Crossing The Mendenhalls   --  Or is it others "Double-Crossing" the Mendenhalls?
Request for original version (or explanation) of this web-site

Since the initial version of this web page, we do apologize (personally) to Leon Harward, to his well intended Utah Crossing effort and associates, and to any reader that may have been left to believe that we (the Mendenhalls and friends) were implicating Leon Harward himself or his Utah Lake Crossing Corporation as being the part or party to the attempts of any injury and theft of land from Paul Mendenhall since the Utah Crossing's Bridge received its public announcement.

We had not ever intended for anyone to assume that the unscrupulous actions, that have occurred coincident to and since Leon's Bridge proposal was made public, was from Leon Harward or his Corporation, but rather that his proposal
to build his bridge (which we deem as reasonable and honorable), unfortunately provided others with just another opportunity to cause more injury and to profit (once again) by taking advantage of a handicapped man with Cerebral Palsy whose parents could only leave him with naked land (which they had originally homesteaded, farmed and grazed as the main lands of Saratoga Springs) as their only reasonable means to sustain his life without them.

Also because not all information about the bridge was made public at the time of initiating this website and its dialog, some of the emotional reactions and statements made by us (the Mendehalls and friends) were based upon supposition and perceptions as best determined in the void of information at the time. Leon and we (the Mendenhalls and friends) are cooperatively laboring to clear up that absence of understanding and facts affecting Paul, including the actual proposed landing sight (just recently staked) and road rights of way which were not know to us (the Mendenhalls) or the the general public at the initial writing of this website in Oct 2009.

Again this website was never intended to personally discredit or defame Leon Harward, Utah Crossing, or his rightly-conceived Bridge. It is however intended to expose and defame the actions of heartless, selfish, immoral other individuals who see this development of Leon's Bridge as another opportunity to steal the final piece of dirt from a kindly, gentle, defenseless man who has trusted, and was betrayed by many, yet has never harmed anyone. That kindly, gentle, worthy man, only asking for open, fair treatment and honorable recompense for his very last piece of inheritance and support is Paul H Mendenhall and his faithful, unfailing, loving and caring Mary.

If you need to view or understand the original copy,
call me at 801-298-9095
Thomas L Rodgers,
a true friend and the volunteering webmaster for Paul and Mary Mendenhall (and Allen)
tlr - 4/21/10

Leone Harward's bridge -- which we deem as a reasonable and honorable effort -- to be built across Utah Lake
Utah Lake Crossing
H. Paul MendenhallBut we do not appreciate the injury others have inflicted in the past -- and are again attempting to inflict upon Paul Mendenhall because of the landing of the bridge (at left above) appearing to be very near or upon Paul's last piece of land.

Questions or if you have need to see copy of original webpage version (which  if carefully read did not accuse Leon, but if lightly read, could be construed to implicate him -- which was not our intent. So not wishing wrongly placed blame, we have pulled original, noted, edited and clarified what you now see when you open Paul's website.
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Tom Rodgers

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