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 Hurricane Sandy Victims, Survivors, Volunteers; Notice and Warning for Poisoning Risk:

License To Kill -- HUD's Certificate of Safety? orThis little Aluminum tag is HUD's & FEMA'sHUD Modular home
 License to Kill!*
    HUD and FEMA's  "License to kill" code violations present HUD Modular homeCarbon Monoxide poisoning in all* Manufactured, Mobile homes, and FEMA Trailers! (except in Electric Heated units. But Carbon Monoxide is not the only poison these units have presented to the occupants!)
    NFPA, CPSC, HHS and Medicine allows for millions of Carbon Monoxide poisonings in their diagnostic deficiencies and failures!
    Hurricane Sandy victims or survivors are at highest for "CO" etc, poisoning risks, right now!

Notice and Warning -- what you should know to avoid asphyxiation poisonings:
Hurricane Sandy Victims and Survivors, Emergency and First Responder Professionals and Medical Providers:
    A common natural disaster aftermath Poisoning problem, disclosed here, which was experienced by Hurricane Katrina's disrupted, displaced, injury and mortality victims and survivors, is now your critical and prevalent risk in the aftermath of your own Hurricane "Sandy" devastation!

    As you will see in this website, which was initiated early in 2008, millions of others (even without Katrina) of our most humble members in America's society, have been and are currently affected by this same poisoning risk which you are potential now subjected to as well.

   The injuries, debilitations and deaths, due to inappropriate combustion poisonings, while Hurricane victims and survivors are attempting to warm themselves, boil water (for safer drinking and hygiene) or cooking  
would be radically reduced  --
    -- if First Responders (Fire  Fighters, Paramedics, and Medical Providers) would immediately, aggressively, assertively, and appropriately perform
"serum" (blood saturation, Carboxyhemoglobin or "SpCO") test for Carbon Monoxide --
    -- instead of the common practice of just performing an environmental air quality or breathing air (safety) test with the "Eagle" tester or equivalent atmospheric testers, which are subject to inconsistencies of the spatial environments, fickle (variable) air currents and the often sporadic nature of the Carbon Monoxide production itself at its (often combustion-efficiency compromised or damaged) source!

    Without the reliable blood (Carboxyhemoglobin) test, Carbon Monoxide poisonings (Formaldehyde, NOX and the other combustion VOC's poisons normally accompanying Carbon Monoxide) will be misdiagnosed, overlooked or ignored! The victim will then be improperly treated (even though in clean air or given oxygen for a period
they will
appear to get better), then be allowed back to the initial poisoning space to potentially experience (if) uncorrected, additional, subsequent or continued poisoning risk, possibly permanent injury or death!

    As you will learn in this LicenseToKill.us (homepage) discussion, with our abundant data, and links, I, now with the Senate, Congress, and the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), through my testimony and disclosure in DC, which included my experiences with the Katrina victims, have exposed, by extension, the deadly deficiencies in NFPA, CPSC, HHS, IHS and Industry collaborated First Responder guidelines and Medical "Best Practices" Diagnostic protocols (created and manipulated by insurance and medical brokers since the mid 70's) --
 -- specifically in the incorrect (effectively "throwing the gun in the lake") advice to callers, then upon arrival, first testing the spatial air (with the "Eagle" tester), then (maybe) doing an already delayed (hence data-deficient) victim blood
(serum) "SpCO" saturation evaluation (if at all) --
 --  then as a consequence (of that initial diagnostic failure), performing wrong on-site treatment, transport, follow-up and reporting! Or worse returning a victim to further exposure!

    To First Responders and Medical providers: 
     The deficiency in your NFPA ,CPSC, HHS, etc, CO Response Guidelines and Medicines "Best Practices" Diagnostic protocols, is the laxity, dereliction and/or "Doctors' Order requirement" impediment to the immediate performance of the simple,
(actually very) inexpensive.
 non-invasive, painless fingertip-clip applied light-spectrometer -- "Pulse Carboximeter/Oximeter"RAD-57-CO-Om evaluation, which is available in (built into) almost all recently manufactured POms or specifically the "Rad-57" PCO/Om units for Carboxyhemoglobin testing!

Most all Fire Fighter units now carry RAD-57 PCO/Om testers.

Or if the Rad-57 or equivelent tester is not available, do an immediate blood draw, capture and seal, for a lab's CO evaluation as soon as possible. Immediately treat (with oxygen) and/or transport (for hyperbaric O2) when indicated or if reasonably suspected!

   To Hurricane Sandy Victims, or Associates of Victims!
   The core failure is in First Responder guidelines and
diagnostic protocols!!!
You must demand immediate Carbon Monoxide testing of your own or suspected victim's blood for values of "Carboxyhemoglobin" (blood saturation levels evaluation for Carbon Monoxide) with  a "Rad-57" finger-clip sensor or equivalent blood saturation testing method!
-- then if positive, immediate Oxygen, or if severely poisoned, Hyperbaric Treatment!

    Also if FEMA brings their Trailers or HUD's Manufactured Homes (all models) to house you:  --  You will need to make sure you are informed through the GAO Report:
  U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) Investigation and Report
 -- reinforced in the CDC-HHS-HUD's (2011) admission of violation in:
 Safety and Health in Manufactured Structures brochure
 -- both are explained and linked here in the LicenseToKill.us homepage

  See our 5¢ self-fix-it suggestion for the imediate prevention in Mfd housing.

For disclosure of the original "Construction Materials" sourced Formaldehyde problem in FEMA's "Hurricane Katrina" (now "Hurricane Sandy") trailers see: ToxicTrailers.com
 -- Note: New Formaldehyde is always created (along with Carbon Monoxide, etc) and absorbed from all flame type cooking, baking and heater fumes venting inside. Hood fans which vent to the outside should be operating when any interior gas fired cook top or oven is being used. Infants, toddlers, expectant mothers, should never be allowed to remain in a kitchen or any inside area where a gas cook top, oven, or unvented (flame type) heater is in operation! Fetuses (in-utero), infants and toddlers have died at exposures less than 1 tenth of that safely tolerated by clinically healthy adults!

   This National Poisoning problem
 -- which is affecting far more of us in the USA, than just those in the specific living situations or disaster events I have indicated above! The problem lays in the Washington DC's created First Responder guidelines and Medical
diagnostic protocols which allow it to happen without being identified!!!

So you or any potential poisoning victim or an advocate for a poisoning victim must assertively demand immediate Carbon Monoxide testing of their blood; specifically the "Carboxyhemoglobin", (SpCO) blood saturation levels evaluation for Carbon Monoxide, which is easily, painlessly, and in reality, cheaply done using the "child and adult friendly", non-invasive "Rad-57"s finger-clip sensor!

      All Fire fighting teams are now supposed to carry this rather inexpensive (under a thousand dollars) "Rad-57 CO-Oximeter" or have equivalent blood saturation testing method equipment with them -- to monitor themselves when fighting any fire, any time!)
  -- The alternative method is by doing a common blood draw, then lab analysis as timely as possible, including conserving enough blood in the draw sample for further analysis or evidence later.

   -- Knowing the Blood Saturation "Carboxyhemoglobin" levels is vital to correct diagnoses and treatment, to prevent further injury and death.

   -- Your life and the lives of your children and loved ones, in Sandy's path -- and everywhere where HUD or FEMA houses anyone -- depends on it

       Do not suffer the same insult, injuries and deaths the Katrina FEMA trailer or HUD housing placements did, and still do!  As your time allows, see the rest of these pages and links in this site!

Saturation percentages of CO blood levels which are critical -- and actions to be taken are:

 Less than 3% is OK or "normal" levels, no treatment needed beyond breathing fresh air.
 Over 3% to 15% indicates exposure and should be treated with 100% oxygen by mask (or nasal tubes).
 Over 15% they should be hospitalized and given hyperbaric therapy.
  If above 20% this becomes mandatory to prevent permanent damage or death
Firemen (and medics) should already know this, as they always are supposed to test themselves in working a fire!

Poisoning risks in Manufactured / Mobile homes (in parks or even setting on private property):
For Carbon Monoxide:  Ref here (http://LicenseToKill.us
manufactured or mobile homes are in violation for CO, if newer than 1976 and heated with gas, propane, oil wood or coal. (Electric heated units should be OK for CO).
 For Formaldehyde (VOCs and Mold):  Ref here (http://LicenseToKill.us) and http://ToxicTrailers.com
All manufactured and mobile homes are generally in violation because of HUD's incompetent management and enforcement -- like the FEMA units of Hurricane Katrina experienced!

  What You can do to Prevent Poisoning in Manufactured or Mobile Home units Right Now!
    -- at least until proper Government or Professional correction is made!

1. Close off HUD's "Dilution Air Intake" - then make sure a window or two is left slightly open.
View a simple, instantly lifesaving "5¢" self-fix (temporary) solution suggestion on our "Temporary Solution" page!
2. Keep furnace & water heater exhaust stacks clear of snow! (When possible extend exhaust pipe(s) height.)

    As a caring friend please inform your neighbors or relatives who also live (or work) in these same type homes!

Questions: Thomas L Rodgers, 801-298-9095 (anytime)
Print / share with HUBs, Volunteers, Survivors (Victims): OS Notice & Warning "Sandy" CO Risk


Notice and Warning
Hurricane Sandy Victims & Survivors, Emergency
& First Responder Professionals, Medical Providers:

Hurricane Katrina’s victims and survivors suffered a common natural disaster poisoning problem that is now a prevalent critical poisoning risk for you in the aftermath and devastation of Superstorm Sandy!

As storm devastation victims and survivors attempt to warm themselves, boil water (for safer drinking and hygiene) or cook, in crude and inappropriate combustion situations, they can easily cause subtle to serious toxins asphyxiation injuries to themselves, or to other individuals in the same breathing space.

The critical toxin of course, is Carbon Monoxide (CO), but it is always accompanied by Formaldehyde (H2CO—Carbon Monoxide’s combustion-created “wet” cousin), NOx and the other toxic VOCs* created in natural combustion.

This same combustion poisoning experience needlessly affects millions of others in the U.S. because of our current misplaced Bureaucratic, Regulatory, and Medical trust, coupled with our public complacency and our (deliberately) deficient education! But with some simple understanding, awareness and common sense, most all of these combustion created poisoning injuries and deaths are preventable!

 — But once a poisoning has occurred, to radically reduce repeated injury or consequent death, First Responders, Fire Fighters, Paramedics, and Medical Providers need to immediately perform the now broadly available non invasive light beam analysis, blood, that is, “serumsaturation test for Carbon Monoxide -- instead of only doing the “traditionalized” (common) practice of performing environmental air quality (breathing air safety) testing with an “Eagle” or equivalent (breathing air) atmospheric type tester to implicate or deduce a human poisoning or not.  

Atmospheric (breathing air) testing alone is not reliable enough to determine if someone has been poisoned or not. It is subject to the inconsistencies of the environment itself, fickle air currents and the sporadic nature of any crudely facilitated combustion source (the fire or smoldering embers) itself. Without the reliable blood (Carboxyhemoglobin) test, Carbon Monoxide (with it associated other combustion toxins) can easily be misdiagnosed, overlooked, or ignored.  A wrong “diagnoses” also easily occurs even in a seriously poisoned individual who has been moved into clean air (and/or given oxygen before being actually tested), as he will outwardly appear recovered (even though his blood CO is clearing – neurological, brain. and other vital deep tissue poisoning is quietly progressing with the previously inhaled, interstitially transported, deep tissues delivered, and already acting intracellularly). So without quick, affirmative blood saturation levels testing, the victim may unwittingly return or be returned to the initial poisoning space or situation, without knowledge or correction, to experience further poisoning injury, even death!

As the primary combustion toxin of concern, Carbon Monoxide, thankfully also has the easiest-to-identify blood-“color”-signature, so serves as the “flag” (visible marker) certifying the presence of the other, not so easy to identify, toxins of Formaldehyde, NOx and combustion VOCs* (*volatile organic compounds), equally deadly and always present with it!

To First Responders and Medical Providers: There are serious, sometimes deadly, deficiencies in your first-responder guidelines and medical diagnostic protocols (since the mid-70s); specifically in the “response to caller” instructions, as well as, once on site, your spatial versus victim testing and evaluation, on-site treatment and/or transport, and follow-up treatment and reporting all is “Washington DC” flawed. Instead the best advice to give before you arrive: “Get the victim out, do not change anything else.” Have victim’s associates leave everything else exactly as it was (for your tests).  

Rad-57 PCO-OmMost Fire Fighter units now carry portable RAD-57 PCO/Om light spectrophotometer based testers, which have built-in capacity to immediately and simply perform an inexpensive, non-invasive, painless finger tip clip-applied light-spectrophotometer “Pulse Oximeter/Carboximeter” evaluation. However, protocols often have a “Doctors’ Order Requirement” impediment to performing this test immediately—despite the fact that this test does not even prick the skin. It uses a harmless beam of light!  If this type of tester is not available, your option is doing an immediate blood draw/capture for a lab’s CO evaluation, while immediately treating with oxygen and/or transport (for hyperbaric O2) when indicated or even just suspected.

So, to Hurricane Sandy Victims and their Associates: To have a sure diagnoses and proper treatment in possible combustion fumes poisoning events you must demand immediate Carbon Monoxide testing of your own or victims blood for its “Carboxyhemoglobin” (blood saturation) levels evaluation of Carbon Monoxide, and if positive, demand immediate oxygen (by mask), or when serious, hyperbaric treatment.

If FEMA brings their trailers or HUD’s manufactured homes (any model) to house you: Make sure you are informed through the GAO Report (and CDC-HHS-HUD’s admission) at LicenseToKill.us, then ToxicTrailers.com to avoid the injuries and deaths associated with those Katrina FEMA trailer or HUD housing placements.  Be sure you see the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) Investigation Report (and CDC’s admission of deadly code violations of HUD and FEMA).

 — Thomas L Rodgers, 22 Dec [orig 31 Oct] 2012 , ref: LicenseToKill.us, & GassingAmerica.com  Questions: 801-298-9095

From toxictrailers.com: The government spent >$2 billion on FEMA trailers with hazardous levels of formaldehyde, and now has dumped more than 103,000 former FEMA trailers known to be toxic on the market. . . . The FEMA trailer tragedy exposed what is a widespread problem in RVs, mobile homes, modular buildings and even conventional buildings. Symptoms that could indicate a formaldehyde problem include having burning eyes, congestion, sore throat, coughing, breathing difficulties, frequent sinus infections or rashes, and difficulties concentrating.

FEMA spends millions on no bid contracts [for low-quality] emergency housing trailers [that] are no longer tested for formaldehyde. . . . Hurricane Sandy victims want to know if these are safe—probably not, knowing FEMA. FEMA  [said that] they dropped formaldehyde testing because the same types of mobile homes are for sale all over the U.S. [However,] these are specially ordered by FEMA. . . . Despite Gadwill’s recommendation that TL Industries quality “just wouldn’t be acceptable to the private sector and shouldn’t be accepted by the government,” FEMA continued doing business with the firm.

The material above has been collected by Occupy Sandy New Jersey from http://LicenseToKill.us and http://ToxicTrailers.com.  Further details are available at those sites and in the GAO report, which may be found at http://gao.gov/products/GAO-13-52.  Materials edited for length.

Print / share with HUBs, Volunteers, Survivors/Victims, this "Notice and Warning" printable copy: OS-CORisk.doc (suggest print 2 sided for hand outs)

■  Another Case of subtle Carbon Monoxide Poisoning! -- But this time its in a "Prestigious" Apartment Complex! -- Could your apartment or home in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy be doing the same to you or your family?

ReeseHogle-2.jpgIncompetence, Malfeasance, Cheapness coupled with apathy and greed perpetrated another near fatal Toxic Insult! -- For Reese Hogle, I was involved, thankfully in time!
    For three years this cheap flange work crudely done in coupling the furnace and water heater to the common chimney, has made the tenant, Reese Hogle, deathly ill, nearly killing him!
-- Our question is, what did previous tenants suffer, and like Reese Hogle, were never properly diagnosed, so never understood why?
ReeseHogleApartmentFlueConnectionsDSCN5442.JPG ReeseHogleApartmentFront-DSCN5434.JPG
    Could your own apartment or home have the same dangerous installation incompetence and be putting you and your family at risk?
    Please look at my videos posted on http://youtube.com/GassingAmerica

 -- see parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8: of "Carbon Monoxide Poisoning of Reese Hogle in Salt Lake City Apartment"

    View all, if you can -- at least Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epD1rtOFhjw
-- then check your own system!

    Now return to the homepage by clicking back button or here: http://LicenseToKill.us
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