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FurnaceToFreshAirAdderVapors"Smoking Guns"
Photos and Videos:

Furnace Exhaust / Water Heater /
Fresh Air Adder

A Lethal Lunacy as ordered by HUD:
Furnace Exhaust Stack is at right,  
Fresh Air Adder Intake Stack is at left !

Exhaust Vapors flow from right to left:
Exhaust to IntakeThe fumes from this family's "HUD Certified as Safe"
are flowing from the Furnace exhaust stack (the larger stack on the right) across to and being drawn directly into the "Dilution" Fresh (interior breathing) Air Adder stack (left) only ~3½ feet away. Click photo or here to view full video take 3/2/08.

How did HUD get away with setting their own minimum distance regulation at only 3 ft while all others like the American Gas Association, National Builders Association, all HVAC Manufacturers, State and local Codes demand at least 12 to 14 feet? (The very minimum I have found is 10 feet!) -- When you purchased or rented your unit -- did your State licensed inspector warn you? -- If he did not! -- Ask him why not?!!!

Intake and Chimney only 3 feetThis malfeasantly chosen short distance of only 3 feet between the "Dilution" Fresh (occupant's interior breathing) Air intake (pipe with single bonnet at left) and furnace (larger double bonneted chimney at right), water heater (upper chimney), etc, is pathologically dangerous, as anytime (and only when) there is fire burning (or attempting to burn) in the combustion chamber of the furnace, a damper in the Fresh Air Intake's
(at left) adder port opens into the furnace's house-air (occupant's breathing-air) blower section and allows the adjacently expelled Furnace (and Water Heater, etc) exhaust fumes to easily be drawn in (from this area of the roof), mixed into and distributed in the home heated air (breathing air) supply. (click photo or here for daylight perspective of this life-endangering Exhausts and Intake arrangement which has been instituted and allowed by HUD.)

With the prevailing Winter night breeze, or stillness of Manti, Utah in this example -- or likewise as likely exists in your community -- these poisonous exhaust vapors where easily drafted in by the Furnace House-Air Blower Fan under its strong (squirrel-cage) blower created vacuum (at volumes up to 15 cubic feet per minute) and mixed into and dispersed in the heated (breathing) air and filling the entire home, beginning (in this home) with the next duct opening emptying immediately into the bedroom where precious baby Daniel and his parents slept!

Copy of DSCN2344.jpgFurnace Exhaust at right, Fresh Air Adder Intake at left, were installed with pipe centers at only 4 feet, so their bonnet to bonnet edge distance is only 3½ feet. -- That is a HUD designed lunacy, which is biologically ludicrous and deadly. (click photo or here to enlarge [2 meg file] and read tape measure)

-- How many of you would think it is OK to place you or your child only
3½ feet  away from your car's exhaust pipe and running it through the night, or worse through an entire winter, then hoping that its pooling exhaust or the breezes don't blow the fumes to you or your child and not expect to find yourself or your baby ill and struggling with headache, nausea and vomiting, failure to thrive, weakness, cognizantly impaired, or in a comma, or dead?

Copy of DSCN2345.jpg
The Water Heater, with its exhaust stack (up and far right) at only 7 feet distant from the Fresh Air Adder stack in this "insane" design, continuously contributes its 32,000 btu of burned fuel potential of fumes to the house air all year long!
(click photo or here to enlarge [2 meg file] and read tape measure)

The Water Heater not only adds its 32,000 btu worth of toxins to those of the Furnace as the Furnace burns through 90,000 btu of fuel to heat the house in the winter, but it continues to poison the house air all of the rest of the year as the Air Conditioning mode of the Furnace assembly also opens the Fresh Air Adder's damper and allows the AC activated blower to draft into the home the fumes of the Water Heater stack at only 7 feet distant, and just above the Fresh Air Adder.

(These Water Heater and Furnace stack positions, also being short and just below the ridge, increases the poisoning capacity of the Water Heater and Furnace exhausts through "barometric compression and capping" -- I will add an expletive diagram as soon as my time permits. Questions: Tom Rodgers, 801-298-9095).
tlr 4/18/08
Videos in this page (linked above) showing exhaust fumes actions (with audio explanations)
Exhaust to Intake1. Video FLV 3/2/08 -- First video (7 min. 2432.flv) showing Furnace exhaust entering Fresh Air Adder
      (This video file, labeled 2432.flv, is composite of clips DSCN:2324, 2325, 2326, 2327, 2332.mov, taken 3/2/08 then converted to FLV on 4/18/08)

2. Video FLV 3/31/08 (1a.) -- Water Heater Vapors (2 min, 2445.flv) passing to and entering Fresh Air Adder
3. Video FLV 3/31/08 (1b.) -- Excellent capture of Furnace Vapors (2½ min 2447.flv) entering Fresh Air Adder
     Video 1a.MOV 3/31/08 -- Raw camera file of 1.a (large file, takes considerable time to load)
     Video 1b.MOV 3/31/08 -- Raw camera file of 1.b       "                         "                         "

Furnace configeration4. Video FLV 3/12/08 -- Daytime Video (3½ min. 9901.flv) How Furnace and Water Heater exhaust is able to enter into this home's breathing air through its "Dilution" Fresh Air Adder intake, is displayed and explained.
     (This video file, labeled 9901.flv, is composite of clips DSCN:2399, 2340, 2341.mov, taken 3/12/08 then converted to FLV on 5/7/08)

All are linked with more explanation on original story home page (DanielInTheLionsDen.us).

These videos, along with others which are related, are available on my: http://youtube.com/GassingAmerica
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