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Those Responsible for Certifying the Safe Occupancy
of your home in Utah.

-- When you entered into your HUD home, did your Utah State licensed inspector alert you to your potentially lethal HUD created asphyxiation possibility?  If he did not, why not?  TLR

Here are the people responsible for training and licensing your local inspectors.
These are they whose oaths, bonds, commitments, and pay checks coming from us, are to assure your family's safety when you secure housing (HUD or not) in this State.
Ask them what they have done to protect you. They have known of this problem and this case since March! Have they alerted or advised you?
State of Utah Department of Commerce, Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing
160 East 300 South, PO Box 146741, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6741:

Wayne J Holman, Supervisor,  801-530-6639,  wholman@utah.gov -- apprised early Mar 08.
Daniel T Jones, Bureau Manager, 801-530-6721,  -- apprised mid Mar 08.

Ask your Legislators (Most of them already have been alerted to the problem in personal contact from me)
Utah State Legislature: Find you legislators at this link:
Utah State House of Representatives -- most made aware by 5 Mar 08
Specific to this issue and this family's case: Rep. Bradley Winn -- apprised 13 Feb 08, continuously
Utah State Senate -- most made aware by 5 Mar 08
Specific to this issue and this family's case: Sen. Darin Peterson -- apprised 15 Feb 08, continuously

Also ask your Congressmen (all already apprised of this life-threatening HUD safety code problem through me)
Utah's Congressmen -- Congressmen, Local and Washington staffs -- apprised early Mar.
Specific to this family's case: Sen. Orin Hatch,  Sen. Robert BennettRep. Chris Cannon

Ask the Governor and His Staff -- apprised in early March. Ask them what they have done to protect you!
Specifically notified and ask to help me find or be directed to find resolution was:
Gloria Hunt, Nancy Nielson and Colene Tucker, Constituent Services, 801-538-1000
Mr Gayle McKeachnie, Rural and Legislative Affairs, 801-538-1502 -- Mr Mckeachnie has kindly extended himself to help in this issue. I am grateful to him. Please thank him for his genuine caring about you and your well being, and for his respectful responses and efforts with me (Thomas Rodgers).

Then contact and query your City and / or County Inspection Departments, who are to ultimately issue the "Safe Occupancy Inspection Certificates" which are supposedly required before you can purchase, move in or occupy a residence.

HUD -- Oh Yes!
Contact HUD and file complaints -- for their deliberate egregious potential asphyxiation assault upon your health and safety in designedly allowing as little as 3 feet to be the minimum distance required between Furnace, Water Heater (even sewer vent) exhausts and fresh air adder / supply intakes in their "certified as safe" (manufactured and mobile) homes, -- instead of the at least 12-14 feet, (10 ft min.in some situations) that the American Gas Association and National Builders Association has long and wisely established. 

Millions have been made ill, harmed, experienced deaths and been ruined, wrongly charged, prosecuted, had their family destroyed, been imprisoned (even executed), as they have been left vulnerable and unknowing by HUD and the Federal Government over it, the States, profiting Medicine, their expensive Lawyers and the Courts! -- while we and the innocent victims themselves do the paying!

Included in orders of responsibility for your and your children's safety as residents - if in Utah are the Utah State Attorney General's Office, and, as it self-proclaims "for the safety of the children", the Utah State Division of Child Protective Services (DCFS), their Lawyers and their "family" Courts!
 -- which unfortunately more often than not, instead of doing diligence and acting on establishing fact, as in this case, act upon suspect (anonymous) hearsay and Medicine's self-profiting malfeasance, incompetence or malice, to accuse, prosecute and further burden the innocent (in this case, these HUD and State-Inspection-trusting) parents, who are the other already toxic-vapors-exposed and damaged victims, while the State displaces nursing infants and distress the other children, as they disrupt, ruin and destroy the whole family!
-- all done in collusion with Medicine's, HUD's and Utah State and Community Inspection's betrayal -- as tMedicine and DCFS (Utah's CPS) returned and left this family in the same unchallenged, unexamined, untested, uncorrected deadly toxic fumes contaminated environment -- which had already hurt them -- for further harm, possible permanent damage, even death!

Utah State Attorney General's Office: apprised Feb 15, photo/video evidence Feb 27, 29 & Mar 4,5.
Mark Shurtleff, Utah State Attorney General -- spoke with me & Parley Hellewell. Desires correction.
Wade Faraway, Aid to AG -- early Feb contact; also very kind in directing me to key State officials.
Paul Murphy: Aid to AG:  (AG Media Liason) viewed evidence Mar 18 and beyond
For this family:
Kirk Torgensen, AAG Supervisor, Central Utah, viewed evidence Mar 4 (&5)
David Tibbs. Assistant AG (Sanpete Co) apprised Mar 6 (recused himself) (Aid given photos)
Julie Lund, AAG (replacing David Tibbs) viewed evidence Mar 6 and beyond. (refuted)

Utah State Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS): (Apprised Feb 14, 20, 27 & continuing)
Duane Betourney, Director -- viewed evidence Mar 4 (& 5 and beyond)
For this family:
Bruce Zylks (Region Manager),
David Lance Martin (Program Manager, Sanpete Co) &
Annette Monson (Case Worker) -- all viewed evidence Mar 6
Michael Jorgansen, Guardian ad litem (GAL) (Sanpete Co) -- viewed evidence Mar 6 (refuted)

For this family:
Sanpete County -- District Court: Apprised via DCFS evaluation reports of Mar 6, Letter to the Judge dated 3-28-08, and in April 3 Pretrial hearing
Judge Paul D Lyman
-- Without asking for, hearing, challenging or examining any actual physical evidence of the family defense's declared CO poisoning experience, he "ruled" favoring IHC's PCMC, IHC's Manti Clinc, AAG, DCFS and the GAL's, "indeterminate diagnoses (including PCMC's phantom "Kabuki Syndrome"), with perpetual observation, perpetual management and treatments! (based on what?) -- all with endless Medical profit, and the State's administrative and Court charges to be collected from the Public treasury (Federal Title IV), Social Security, the State (thats you and me), and the already State-betrayed and devastated family".

-- See all the actual physical facts vs. the pseudo medical (& DCFS) arguments, herein disclosed (in this website).

So now ask your Doctor or Pediatrician why he and his Medical fellows ignore -- even deny -- Carbon Monoxide as the number one accidental poisoning event (especially affecting infants, toddlers, the elderly , handicapped, the already infirmed and housebound in Winter) in your community, State, the US, and the World, -- yet the medical industry will pursue, treat and exorbitantly bill (even act to prosecute) the victims or patients for every other mimicking disease and / or abuse instead of it! Then they return the surviving patients or victims and their family to the same unexamined, untested, uncorrected, toxic environment for further harm, or permanent damage, even death!
In this familys case:
Intermountain Health Care (IHC) -
IHC Manti Clinic in Manti, Utah, and (IHC's) Primary Children's Medical Center (PCMC), in Salt Lake City.
-- The referring and primary pediatricians (Dr Robert Armstrong and Dr Sarah Lamb) were notified of suspected environmental poisoning Feb 13 & 14, then shown Carbon Monoxide poisoning physical evidence Feb 18 & 20, which was ignored, even denied by them -- even with continued contact attempts; specifically in my IHC Manti Clinic attempted (but refused) visit on Feb 25 and PCMC visit Feb 27 (the same date of release of infant Daniel, in which PCMC and Manti Clinic returned him and his family to their same ignored, unchallenged, unexamined, untested (by Medicine and State), still uncorrected toxic home (until my immediate caring labors of intervention).
-- I and key Legislators continued communication attempts with these Medical providers with our increasing physical evidence through Mar 5 and beyond, yet were -- and still are -- disrespected and ignored.

Ask these Medical Professionals of IHC why they never even challenged -- to factually establish - or rule out (as is required by their Hippocratic Oath and Koch Postulates in honorable scientific discovery) -- the exhaust fumes poisoning of this infant and his family!  But instead they chose to pursue $40,000 and more of nonsensical indeterminate genetic, glandular, and ridicules "Kabuki Syndrome" diagnosis and endless observation and treatment program, and support the indictment and prosecution of an innocent (also poisoned) family by an ignorant (and loveless) community and state bureaucracy and legal system.

More information coming -- tlr

If you are in Utah, also see:
Those who know -- who at the very least, have a fiduciary or simply a "brotherly" obligation to alert or protect you:
 Those who know -- and have known now for nearly 4 months (as of July 6, 08).

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