Baby Daniel Conrad 14 Mar 08Daniel In The Lions
Deadly Fumes  (aka Daniel And His Fiery   or 
Deadly )
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An Innocent Family "living harmless before the brute creation" was accused of medical and nutritional neglect
in their infant's & family's winter illness, when in fact their infant, and they with him, were Poisoned By H.U.D.!
> ABC News (Nat'l), Susan Donaldson James' report: "Family Says Carbon Monoxide Poisoned Baby", 4 Feb 09
> Davis County Clipper, Melinda Williams w/ our associate Dr Jay Bishop "Remedy Could Block CO Risk" 2/5/09
> Deseret News, SLC Ut. Elaine Jarvik's "In The Air - Carbon Monoxide Crusade: Duo's War Against HUD", 3/7/09

> Nat'l syndicated radio: Tom Rodgers on Nurse Joyce Riley's Power Hour Tues 2 Dec 08,  8 & 9 am CST
Alex Jones Info Wars, at half way point (beginning of 3rd hour ) Fri 19 Dec 08 (let load then start at middle)
> 10 May 09, 11 am Central Time  on Web or WQRZ - FM 103.5 Waveland Mississippi, (& others)
Interview of Tom Rodgers, by Herb "Sarge" Phelps, on "Sunday Morning Coffee with Sarge"
> EPA, FEMA:  4 Mar 09 in New Orleans / Then 28 July 09 in DC to HUD's MHCC, see 1 Sept 09 Committee Proposal

> Russell Means Freedom: 9/24/09  "Breathing Poison" Carbon Monoxide in (Native America's) HUD Homes
> El Observador De Utah, SLC Ut. Reinaldo Escobar's "Gases Mortiferos Dentro De La Casa" 5/18/10 {in English}
> Republic Magazine 6/3/10 Webinar, last 1/3, Tom Rodgers on with American Free Press' Michael Collins Piper!
Republic Magazine 7/22/10 Webinar, full 2 hrs, interview of Tom Rodgers w/ Dr Jay Bishop, by Earle Belle
NativeAmericanSummit2010VideoTomRodgers4510/4510.jpg>> Video: Native American Summit 2010 - Utah Gov Gary Herbert / Lt Gov Greg Bell, 9/1-2/10 w/ my presentation to Utah / Great Basin Tribal Leaderships / Federal / Utah State Officials,  Ref: Native American Summit 2010 program (pdf). Encourage similar efforts in your state!

> KCPW's Immigration Roundtable Part 1 on 17 Sep 10,  Audio; Hear me at time: 1:16:30.
> Interview on AbuseFreedomLive 19Sep10.  My presentation begins at 73 min (to 179).

> Interview on AbuseFreedomLive 26Sep10.  My presentation begins at 12 min (to 63+)

Protect Yourself and Your Family -- Right Now! -- see a no-cost, simple, do-it-yourself, temporary solution! -- or a more permanent  fix as a suggestion from me  Delusion Air Intake Suggested Fix (from) Tom Rodgers .jpg
NCAI-2011-Portland   >> Video: NCAI--2011-- Portland -- Here is video of my (Thomas L Rodgers) presentation to the
National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) in their 68th Annual Conference held Oct 30 to Nov 4 2011 in Portland Oregon, where I introduce and speak on the poisoning of Native American individuals and families in their Manufactured and Mobile homes (as regulated for 33 years by HUD / FEMA).   Wonderful Irene Cuch of Utah's Ft. Duchene Northern Ute Community (with support of wise and caring President Jefferson Keel of NCAI), introduces me, where I am honored to be able to speak of this poisoning problem which I have labored to disclose for now 4 years that affects thousands of my Native American friends and relatives using the example of a Manufactured Housing Unit in Fort Duchene Utah. My own Mother and Father were nearly killed by the Mobil Home in which they lived, in Zuni Arizona. I honor them here and also honor my dearest friend and fellow warrior and "brother" also fighting for the safety and good of our people, Irene's very own honorable nephew, Forrest S. Cuch (see him on Google, FaceBook and, He paid a dear price (like me -- and with me) in supporting me in this exposure of deadly malfeasance created by the Federal Bureaucracy and covered up by Medicine. Forrest is worthy of all great Honor in this vital labor to save the lives of his relatives and mine!  Please share and tell all your relatives and friends! By so doing, you may also be honored as the caring relative or friend who saves them and their families from injury or even death!  [Thomas L Rodgers, 12 Nov 2011]

See other important related Videos on our YouTube Channel --
Subsequent actions in the CO injured Conrad Family vs the State of Utah which exposed this issue, are linked below:

Have you or anyone you know been unusually ill this Winter?
HUD, Federal & State Bureaucracy may be the cause!
FurnaceToFreshAirAdderVaporsThe Feds through HUD, the States, their Medical contractors, including CPS, their AGs and their Courts, have allowed conditions for your and your children's harm, then profited from your consequent harm, illnesses, even deaths!

The pipe at far left, installed only 3 feet! from the furnace flue and precisely in its path of toxic fumes is a Mfd. home's Breathing-Air Intake -- as ordered by HUD!

 -- So you have been placed in harms way by the very Bureaucracy whose oaths and claims are to guarantee your safety and to protect you and your children from the very harm which they have permitted!

Baby Daniel Conrad 14 Mar 08Then sadly, in many cases, that same Bureaucracy -- which should have protected you and your family! -- instead turns upon you! blames you, threatens, charges or indicts you for the harm, illnesses, even deaths, which their own oversight, incompetence, malfeasance or malice has brought upon you and your children!
 -- just as it has done with this baby Daniel's parents in Manti, Utah!

Please check the following questions, see baby Daniel's experience, learn the facts, then demand correction to protect your own family!

Do you live in a Combustion Heated HUD (or FEMA) "Certified as Safe" Manufactured or Mobile (Trailer) Home?
HUD Modular homeFor the last 3 decades, HUD has ordered Chimneysall Manufactured and Mobile Home producers to construct their low cost housing units with an only 3 foot separation distance (as seen in this photo>) between the (powered) Breathing Air Intake (left) and the Furnace (right), Water Heater (right above) and sewer vent Exhausts. (Note: top photo, vapors flowing right to left!)

Illnesses, Injuries and Deaths are Experienced as a Consequence:

Did you or anyone you know have one or more of the following symptoms? Unexplained (chronic) fatigue, bouts of nauseaheadaches, appearance of intoxication (without drinking), loss of memory, agitation, flu-like (but without fever) symptoms, rosacea (a red skin blush), purple, pale or jaundice, general weakness, nose-bleeds, coughing spells (sometimes with blood) labored breathing, struggle for air, light headedness, lethargy, fainting spells, listlessness, inability to sleep soundly, loss of appetite, reduced fertility, reduced virility, miscarriage, birth defects, numerological and physiological fetal damage in pregnancy, unexplainable weight loss or gain, or unusual heart problems: angina, arrhythmia, myocarditis, infarction, etc (all are absolute expressions of CO induced hypoxia and intoxication).
Infant Daniel in depth of poisoningIn Infants, any one of the symptoms above (note the facial rosacea, purple feet and hands of infant Daniel in photo), and / or inconsolable crying (indicating headaches)inability to hold food down (nausea), inability to suckle (weakness), failure to thrive, and / or (misdiagnosed) symptoms of malnutrition, leukemia, diabetes, autoimmune, digestive, liver, heart, lung, neurological, endocrine or genetic disorders, etc. to "SIDS" and "crib death'' -- and since long term exposure can cause critical developing tissue (O2 deprivation) failures, membrane (esp. cerebral) and vascular ruptures and associated hemorrhaging (when subdermal: spontaneous bruising), some infant damages or deaths may be wrongly charged off as beatings, assault or "shaken baby syndrome".
Did you find any elderly or otherwise infirmed unusually listless, slowed, or unresponsive, where they had been
communicative, bright, or active prior?
Do you know of any children, adolescents or adult who were healthy before, but curiously became subtly to seriously ill
as Winter commenced, deepened and
progressed -- then with warming weather (less furnace operation), they may have "miraculously" improved! -- or someone who did not make it though the Winter, yet should have! -- or who died for no solidly diagnosed reason. --
-- Too often Carbon Monoxide "CO" Victims are mis-diagnosed with heart or lung disease, leukemia, diabetes, malnutrition, vitamin B12 deficiency, depression
, endocrine or genetic disorders, etc, etc, etc. even Munchausen by Proxy (it fits easily); then are expensively (futilely, even dangerously) treated into bankruptcy for those (IHC billed over $40,000 to this family), when all that was really needed was a simple $40.00 (Carboxyhemoglobin) test, and prescribed the simple (and cheap) treatment of clean air, clean food and genuine love! -- none for which a Doctor, Hospital, the State, its Bureaucracy or their Lawyers can extravagantly charge and honestly profit!
-- And worse, being returned to the same toxic environment to repeat the illness cycle, establish more damage, even to die!  -- tlr
You deserve to know truth and find real cause! -- so you can preserve yourself and your family!

Read on! -- You may find the cause of your family's Winter illnesses in this baby Daniel and his family's experience below!
65% of HUD certified homes (spc. manufactured homes and trailers) in the West are occupied by Spanish (usually the low payed farm and unskilled menial labor) families. The next group of occupancy are African Americans (specifically the New Orleans - Katrina victims)! the Native Americans! then the Elderly, Widowed, Veterans, Handicapped, Young and Single Mother Families, Missionaries, Rural Clergy, County, State, and Federal Field Agents, Rangers and Officers, and our selfless Military! -- Yet no-one in HUD, Federal or State Bureaucracy (Medicine and Mainstream Media) has cared enough to warn these families and individuals that some of their Winter illnesses and deaths are a result of this egregious HUD created and State permitted deadly Furnace / Water Heater exhaust / Fresh Air Adder design! -- Why?

How did HUD get away with setting their own minimum distance regulation at only 3 ft while all others like the American Gas Association, National Association of Home Builders, all HVAC Manufacturers, and most State and local Codes usually demand 12 to 14 feet? The minimum I have found (tolerated in restrictive industrial construction) is 10 feet per ICC's International Mechanical Code. TLR

-- When you entered into your HUD home, did your State licensed inspector alert you to your potentially lethal HUD created asphyxiation possibility?  If he did not, why not?  Ask his bosses why not? TLR

-- In last 10 minutes of 28 May 08 Radio interview, Utah AG Mark Shurtleff & I expose this case & this problem.
 Audio  Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff interview (hr 2) by Mark Maxon on KTKK AM 630 SLC Ut

-- in last 30 min of the 3 hour Utah State Legislature's Political Subdivisions Interim Committee Wed 18 Jun 08 Meeting on Affordable Housing, I presented this case as example of HUD Manufactured Housing's Carbon Monoxide (& Formaldehyde) poisoning issue, as exposed herein. See Notice, see Agenda, hear  Audio (mp3).
"Carbon Monoxide is the leading cause of fatal poisoning in the industrialized world, as well as being endemic in many parts of the developing world," says Dr. Joseph Fisher, an anesthesiologist at Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network. "In North America, it results in as many as 70,000 emergency room visits a year and in thousands of deaths. Up to 30 per cent of survivors of severe poisoning are left with disabling psychological and neurological symptoms, which sometimes last for years."

Sadly HUD, Federal, State, (even Local Bureaucracies) and Medicine have ignored or deliberately avoided identification, diagnoses, and proper treatment (with simple cheap oxygen and free fresh air thereafter), or to inform and initiate corrections for the Carbon Monoxide poisoning cause; but have instead sent the innocent and uninformed victims back to their toxic homes to be further poisoned, injured, even killed.

None of these agencies (who were created, paid for, and claim to have our health interests as their responsibility) have moved to rectify this asinine and deadly HUD regulation. In 11 months, none have even dared challenge -- never testing and publishing their test results -- to even prove us wrong -- but instead have deliberately avoided answer and have even maliciously labored to injure, obstruct and suppress our findings.  

In 11
months (since March 2008) [now 19 months as of Oct 2009] HUD, the Federal and State Bureaucracies and Medicine have done nothing to correct, inform or protect the nearly 26 [now understood 34] million Americans [now understood, 2+ million Native Americans and 6 million Mexican Nationals] living in these potentially poisonous homes which they regulate and license. The Bureaucracies and profiting Medicine (which has now allowed millions of injuries and deaths to occur) have instead interfered with our efforts for media coverage and left the poor and other vulnerable infants, individuals and families, injured and still dying!  --  tlr 12/30/08
This whole insidious poisoning evil, and the near death experienced by this precious infant and his innocent family in Manti, Utah (as explained in this website below) never would have happened if our Utah State of Department of Health, the Utah Medical Association, Intermountain Health Care (Utah), IHC-Manti, and PCMC would have performed the simple and inexpensive Carboxyhemoglobin test!
-- But they refused -- even with irrefutable physical evidence demonstrating the asphyxiation facts!  
-- And worse, in that refusal, they sent the family with their fragile infant, along with their other  children, back to their toxic home to be further poisoned, possibly to die -- had I not intervened!
-- Why?
   The Carboxyhemoglobin test must be restored to "Best Practices" diagnostic protocols, NOW!
-- You Must Demand That Test! 
-- and it must done immediately!
Other resources for Carbon Monoxide education, assistance and action:  --  Rob Aiers of Great Britain, excellent site!  --  Dr David Penny, comprehensive site.
Google's  Carbon Monoxide Search: results include government and privately provided sites
Routine screenings uncover hidden carbon monoxide poisoning -
Dr Gregory Jay - by Jessica Grimes
Carbon monoxide may cause long-lasting heart damage - Dr Gregory Jay - by Jessica Grimes
 Now continue to learn through baby Daniel's and his family's experience as is disclosed below.
 -- This knowledge can save your infant's life, you own and others you love!  / / (next page) -- you are here.
Baby Daniel March 14 08Daniel in the Lions Den!
. . .The near death
experience of this precious infant and his trusting family
 may be yours or someone you know!  Carefully read to find out if it may be ! . .

The information below also serves as the "Next Page" for these websites: -  -  -  -  - 
Daniel in the Lions Den - in Manti Utah!  FurnaceToFreshAirAdderVapors-- Baby Daniel's story!
A loving family in Central Utah, accused of medical and nutritional neglect, was found with a lethal poisoning source from their home's furnace and water heating systems! -- which was not considered, checked, tested, or identified! until a caring friend did his correct diagnoses and discovery of cause, thereby saving this precious Daniel and his family from his own "fiery furnace" of today, in an echo of his righteous name sake, the harmless and loving, Guardian-Angels-protected, worthy Prophet "Daniel" and his Faithful Associates preserved from their "fiery furnace" of Old!
In this photo above, you are watching the Furnace Exhaust Fumes passing and being drafted into this home's Breathing Air by HUD's demanded "Dilution" Air Intake Pipe set only three feet away at left!

Baby Daniel Conrad 14 Mar 08
This precious infant (click here or photo) almost lost his life as the unusual deep and heavy snows, unique brutal cold and divergent weather patterns, joined with the malfeasant Federal (HUD/FEMA) desided and enforced Breathing Air environment construction codes and inspection errors of his home, set the conditions for lethal levels of vacuum-drawn furnace and water heater exhausts to enter and be circulated in the in-house air with chronic poisoning that seriously affected him, then his parents, specifically his father (whose office was in the home) and his attending nursing mother; then less, his outdoor playing and socializing young brothers and older sisters. (Note: Because of their high metabolic and rapid growth rates and its associated oxygen demands, newborn infants have a greater than 20 times more susceptibility to Carbon Monoxide poisoning than do middle children, adolescents or adults.)
    (Photos and videos showing Daniel's progress including:
    Video of 4/3/08 added 5/7/08: See baby Daniel after one month of Good Air, Mom's good Milk, and Love! )

Manufactured Home with Short and Close FluesWhat you see here is the real cause of this infant's illness as well as the harm to the rest of his family. And it is clear thousands more have
also been harmed.

The understanding presented in this website may help you to identify any of the similar environmental conditions that may have affected an unusual illness, harm, even mortality, in you, your infants, your family or in the family of someone else you know.

If similar conditions exist for you,
your discovery and effecting corrective actions, based upon the truth we have herein exposed, can save your infant, your children, or your own life! -- or the lives of others you love! -- just as it has saved the life of this precious infant, and the lives of his family who dearly love him. TLR 3/17/08

 Subsequent supportive actions in the CO poisoning injured Conrad Family vs State of Utah case:
Baby Daniel March 14 08>  KTKK Interview, "HUD is Gassing America", T Rodgers on Mark Maxon Show,  hr 1 & hr 2!
> Commentary by Susan Sorensen, Sanpete County Constitution Party Chairman on Baby Daniel's 7-15-08 Court Proceedings -- The Courtroom Audio of that Hearing is linked there so you can know of what Susan speaks.
> Recently submitted letter to the new DCFS Case Worker that exposes the painfully obvious fraudulent position of IHC, DCFS, the Assistant AG and the Court on this case:  Click Here
(in MSWord)
> Scientist Thomas Rodgers "Manufactured Madness" Oct 17 KNAK & National Radio's Liberty RoundTable, &  Oct 22 w/David  -- also hear Tom on Oct 20 & 21.
> See published News Article & Update "Conrad Family Takes On State"
Videos of sweet, happy, healthy baby Daniel taken last Sat. 18 Oct, proving State Wrong, but "Clean Air" Right!
Court Audio of Oct 21- Judge is presented with facts! so must find in our favor with a full room of observers.

> HUD's apathetic answer of Oct 24, after eight month of my ceaseless labors to have them correct their lethal error.
> Nat'l syndicated radio:Tom Rodgers on Nurse Joyce Riley's Power Hour Tues 2 Dec 08, 8 & 9 am CST
> ABC News (Nat'l), Susan Donaldson James' report: "Family Says Carbon Monoxide Poisoned Baby", 4 Feb 09
> Sad note handed me as Jorge Riveros & I went to meet with Governor's Specialists responsible for housing poor!

> Testimony before EPA (FEMA & HUD) Investigative Hearing in New Orleans 3/4/09, Thomas L Rodgers, & Others
> Deseret News, SLC Ut, Elaine Jarvik's "In The Air - Carbon Monoxide Crusade: Duo's War Against HUD", 3/7/09

> We were interviewed Wed, 10 June  09, 1-3pm CT by Barbara Jean, Republic Broadcasting Network
> Testified 28 (30) July 09 in DC to HUD's MHCC, see Committee Proposal of 1 Sept 09
> Monday, 12 Oct 09, 9 - 11 am Mountain Time on KTKK (AM 630 SLC Ut) to the  Mills Crenshaw -- show had Thomas L Rodgers (Utah), Jessie Fineran (Miss.), Becky Gillette (Ark.), Dr Jay Bishop (Utah)  and others as they expose the HUD (& FEMA) poisoning malfeasance, causing injuries and deaths to as many as 34 million in the US, which has been kept silent to protect the Federally regulated and supplied housing -- and trafficking of illegals, drugs and other elicit activities of unscrupulous US Businessmen, the Cartels, Bureaucrats and Professionals for profit. -- We also discussed what you must do to help protect the innocent as a consequence of this deadly cover-up!
> El Observador De Utah, SLC Ut. Reinaldo Escobar's "Gases Mortiferos Dentro De La Casa" 5/18/10 {in English}
   Oct 21 2008, Tue. 3pm Sanpete County Courtroom (in Manti Ut.) a (final) hearing was held:
   Utah's AAG Julie Lund (and DCFS) had originally petitioned that this family be further injured by finding the Baby Daiel free of State and its bogus Medicineparents with CONTEMPT! and be jailed for not consenting to treat their now robust, happy, healthy baby Daniel for the bogus IHC diagnoses (never based on fact) of Kabuki syndrome and the misdiagnosed and invented genetic, endocrine and malnourishment nonsense! -- all nothing to do with the actual cause, Carbon Monoxide poisoning -- which the State and IHC Medicine deliberately ignored, so sent the baby and family back into -- and that could have killed him, his siblings and his parents, had I not intervened! - tlr

 -- Thanks! Your attendance, observance and witnessing at this hearing in support of this infant, his family, truth and due process compliance was effective and appreciated!  With our truth and your loving support, truth prevailed.
 -- A year later, contrary to the malicious diagnoses and claims of IHC, DCFS and the State, he flourishes with love.

 -- It now appears that you and I, ourselves as caring individuals, must pass this information and its warning to protect the lives of Millions of other Infants, their innocent Families and those other trusting Individuals who have been left oblivious to this danger, with its injuries and deaths, created by HUD; so are being "deliberately" poisoned in Federal, State and Medical malfeasance, incompetence, and heartless Administrative (and AMA/IHC) indifference! --  tlr 22Oct08

Description and Evidence of Poisoning Cause:
Now see the Photos, Videos, along with Medical, Environmental, Mechanical and Legal diligence, discovery, evidence, with other experts and witnesses brought together and provided by that same persistent, experienced friend, Thomas L Rodgers, who brought in as wittinesses, his other State respected, licensed, and honorable associates.
Evidence on Film:

Night Shots of Flues and Adder Vapors1.  Video 1 (7 min. in FLV): Night filming of exhaust vapors from Furnace (and water heater) at right to "Fresh Air Adder" aka "Blend Air Ventilation", "Positive Outside Air Intake Vent" at left -- or as HUD calls it: "Dilution! Air Intake" ("Delusion!" -- would be a more appropriate term to label this derelict HUD lunacy!) -- which is supposed to route fresh outside air from the roof area and add it into the house air circulating stream at the furnace house air fan...but in this case, as you see, at only ~3½ distant, instead of bringing in "clean fresh air?", it is bringing in the toxic fumes from the Furnace (and Water Heater) exhaust!  The (7 minute) video production (linked here) is six of my rough recordings, spliced and prepared for fast upload and easy viewing, through several hours of caring labor given as a loving gift from my son, Tom Jr. (who is also a well loved, very busy Bishop).
Videos added 5/7/08:
Video 1a.FLV 3/31/08 -- Water Heater Vapors (2 min in FLV) passing / entering Fresh Air Adder
Video 1b.FLV 3/31/08 -- Excellent capture of Furnace Vapors (FLV) entering Fresh Air Adder

Fresh Air Adder, Water Heater and Furnace stacks"Fresh Air Adder" Contamination: Furnace vapors from the larger flue stack (aka "Jack" or "Roof Jack") at right, with water heater stack seen just above it, which are passing by and sucked into the "Fresh Air Adder" intake stack (just left of furnace and water heater stacks -- click photo or here to see roof photo full sized) which draws fumes (as you can see in photos and videos) down and through the automatically opened, when fire is burning, port into the blower chamber right directly back into the house air under the strong vacuum created by the squirrel-cage blowerDiagrams-FurnaceWaterHeaterFreshAirAdder in the furnace itself, which draws, mixes, then pushes (recycles) the house air, along with the contaminated toxic fumes from outside air to pass through and be warmed in the heat exchanger, then routed out to all the heat registers of the home -- the next closest register being the very room where the baby was generally cared for and slept, and his father had his (nearly 24/7 occupied) day office of labor, in the Master Bedroom!!!  see diagram

ChokedFurnaceCOChartCombustion Air Choke off: With an additive snow lay of only 6 inches (which occurred often during this winter), a choking off of combustion air (drafted through the larger outer section under the lower bonnet of the furnace stack) begins to oxygen-starve the furnace burners; then the CO emissions increase geometrically; and at 9 inches or more, a near to total starvation occurs to create lethal levels (see chart) which enter and are mixed with the home air with the prevailing breezes from the south west, as now are commonly experienced (see in video 1 above) with this unique cold and heavy snow, 2007-2008 winter season anomaly. 

Thermal / Barometric Scooping -- or Channeling: At 1½ feet or less of snow lay, Thermal and Barometric Scooping will cut a channel from the warmer exhaust to effect its flow minimally diluted to the breathing air intake. Video and several photos show snow depression (scooped-out) arcs at the exhaust and intake vents as evidence of this scooping or channeling phenomena. 

Cavitation: At 1½ feet or more of quick snow lay or a series of smaller accumulating layers, along with Manti's subfreezing temperatures causing surface hardening and a very durable crust icing, an underneath melt-out from the warmer roof surfaces above the furnace itself, and water heater adjacent, would have created an "igloo" (cavitation) with an advancing circumference specifically elongating towards intake with it furnace blower driven vacumn drafting which would ultimately tie the furnace, water heater and Fresh Air Adder stacks (at only 3½ foot distant bonnet to bonnet -- see photos) all together in a single connecting double or triple foci cavity -- which would be maintainable for many days, especially on that self-shading North-facing roof of their home; would then have allowed a super doping of the house air with colorless, odorless, tasteless, serious biological damaging CO!  You will see evidence of this north side cavitation phenomena and its advanced circumference of melt-out (in photo linked here & charts coming) - tlr 3/17/08

Summer Poisoning:  This subtle Carbon Monoxide poisoning of this family also occurred anytime the Air Conditioning mode of the Furnace / AC unit (house air fan) was in operation, as the Fresh Air Adder also opens its damper valve to likewise draw air from the roof
(under the furnace house air fan's strong vacuum) which would be contaminated with the water heater exhaust with this last year's unique pattern (25 year El-Niño/La-Niña change) of prevailing breezes. A worse poisoning potentially also occurred under the quiet or "dead air" weather stagnation periods common to last years hot summer days, specifically because CO (though itself is slightly lighter than pure O2) has ionic and surface bonding affinities to its accompanying deleterious (also toxic) burn products (CO2, SO2, NO, NO2, HS2, H2CO, etc) gases, which collectively are slightly heavier than (N2 rich, cleaner) ambient air; and (mixed with, holding and carrying their toxic companion gas, CO) would bloom, cool and fall to mushroom and flow down the roof decline and into the negative pressure area of the Fresh Air Adder and be vacuum drawn into and mixed into the home's air conditioned air. (The stagnant air state just described for breezeless periods in Summer, also applies with far more serious poisoning results in the dead air periods of Winter.)

note, that the Water Heater burns 32,000 btu of gas in each hot water demanded firing all year long, while the Furnace burns 90,000 btu; but only when it is called upon to fire during cool or cold weather. So the Water Heater alone contributes critically significant poisoning to the home's occupants as its fumes are drafted in by the Fresh Air Adder and mixed into this home's interior air in the other half of the year, when the Air Conditioning mode of the Furnace / AC unit is turned on and used. -- This made the total CO poisoning potential for the occupants of this home a subtle and absolute, full, year-long event!  - tlr 3/31/08

Furnace configeration2. Video 2 (3 min. in FLV): My daytime filming of Furnace and Water Heater flues and Fresh Air Adder intake on roof, the furnace fresh air adder port and house air circulating fan configuration inside the home, displayed audible and visual indications of the volumes of Fresh Air Adder (contaminated) air mixed into the house air at its inside port, and finally the permanent, secure closing and sealing of that port for the family's safety. -- tlr

3. a. (Optional) Original  Video A  a very large and clumsy file directly loaded from my camera and is viewable only if you have 5-30 minutes for uploading time, even with best High Speed Internet connection,)
  -- It is already part of the video at item 1.  Video 1 (7min. in FLV) above.  
  -- Though complete, and exactly as I shot it, this file is not in an Internet friendly format, so is not as vivid as the newer format provided by my son above, so if you play it you must look very carefully to see the vapors passing directly from the furnace flue to the Fresh Air Adder...and ladies, this unedited and complete recording, is a "PG-13" movie,...sorry for my slipped words of recorded anger as I realized -- "for hell's sake" -- how close this chimney arrangement came to killing an infant and potentially destroying a family, especially without anyone else's correct diagnosis and diligence (except mine) and "their" returning them home again to the same hellish harm!  Please, forgive me; I was also once a rancher (it paid for my education) who dealt with obstinate cattle (just like some of my fellow professionals) - and they never responded to a gentle "please don't crush me (or any child) into the rail! -- or thanks, that kick at my head (or to my honorable facts) felt good"!  I know I should try better not to lose it verbally, but doesn't my keeping an infant and a family from being returned and left to be poisoned or dying, give me some credit for forgiveness for my slipped swear word or two? -- especially in my rage when a child is harmed and innocent parents (who were also harmed) are accused -- while the actual guilty -- the stingy, incompetent contractors and their "buddies" who certified the house as safe -- only to save a little money and only a little bit more labor -- get away with deception, theft and fraud, and, as it nearly was here, "negligent homicide"! -- See the safety inspection tag riveted on the house. -- What a pathetic deadly joke! -- tlr

 3. b. (Optional) Original Video B  again optional and only viewable if you have a Hi Speed connection and 10-50 minutes for uploading time.
This footage is also included in item 1. Video 1 (7 min. in FLV) above
 This second original recording was more vivid than my first recording in 1. a. (Original) Video A above. With better angle of shot and light this footage shows more clearly the Furnace vapors from the larger flue stack at right, with water heater stack above it, which are passing by and being sucked into the "Fresh Air Adder" at left, in center.

More is coming for you to see, but we must work hours to convert camera files to Internet friendly files, tlr 3/24/08

Still Photos: -- s
orry for the large file size and long download times of some of these photos. These have been placed here in my haste to get you started with some understanding.  It takes many hours for me (with some technical assistance from my son, who is also a dedicated, very busy Bishop) to reduce and re-post these and photos and videos, plus add the dozens more, as well as the charts and drawings that you need to also see.

4.  The House at the South East (front) view  -- (faster loading file is now here): Notice, you can only view and just barely see the water heater stack over the ridge line of the roof. You cannot see the Furnace and Fresh Air Adder stacks near it.  So you see how low they are and easily choked or covered with snow!

5.  Front of House  
Full view (from South). Again as in previous photo, you can only see the water heater flue barely above ridge, others stacks are not visible.

6.  Rear of House  (from North) See short flues and fresh-air-adder at left all 
in tight cluster and easily choked or covered by snow.  Cover with snow? Furnace Combustion Air! Yes!-big "Problem-o!"  Lethal levels of CO!

7.  The Fresh Air Adder, the Furnace and Water Heater stacks -- (faster loading file here) Too short and all in a tight cluster! See another view of Flues and fresh air adder intake cluster from on roof (photo taken as I am standing at ridge, with kind Glen Bair's halogen lamp stand secured and visible at the roof's edge, and my sleeping bag at distance in back of the house, on the crusted snow where I shivered at night to catch the furnace (and water heater) vapor flows in their treacherous acts of passing towards and entering into the Fresh Air Adder and into the house, as recorded in Videos above - tlr).

Now that you have seen the exhaust and fresh air adder arrangement; please re-read (review)
the combustion air supply snow pile-up, choke-off and cavitation issues as described in my video explanation in third paragraph following item 1. Video (in FLV), above. It should now be disturbingly clear to you, shortcuts like this in construction, can asphyxiate a child and harm a family -- including yours!
Please check your own chimneys for this problem (especially more problematic if yours is also on a north facing roof like this one). (More description of error and code violation will be added here tlr)

More links & descriptions with photos, videos. charts & documents are coming. -- Please return! TLR 3/24/08

Father's Statement:

The knowledge of the true cause of Daniel’s trouble has been discovered and irrefutably proven:  the house which we purchased
upon our move to Manti (in full faith and trust of safety, as is certified on the house tags riveted outside on each half section *tlr), was dangerously set up for a serious carbon monoxide problem – which was exponentially compounded by heavy snows on the roof – and our first winter here just happened to be the biggest snow fall year in 25 years.

The preceding winters of little or no appreciable snow, saved the original family and owners from experiencing the far more concentrated levels of Carbon Monoxide which we had in this unusual high snow, high precipitation winter
(see combustion air choke down explanation in photos & drawings to be provided here *tlr); however the original family did have unexplained health problems, including an infant who was very sick towards the end of a winter, and now, as a little girl has a speech impediment and a learning disability.

The extremely hazardous way in which the furnace system of our home was installed was quickly identified by our experienced friend who first sensed
(through 2 brief phone calls, Feb 10 & 11 *tlr) , then viewed in us, with his certainty, our physical indications of environmental poisoning  (during a simple 15 minute visual contact, two days later in a Feb 13th visit at Daniel's pediatric unit in Salt Lake City *tlr).  After finishing his week of labors at the Utah State Legislative Session (using all day Saturday, and Sunday afternoon for preparation *tlr), in the evening of Sunday Feb 17th,Our experienced friend Tom Rodgers he traveled (the 140 miles *tlr) to Manti.  Monday morning Feb18th, 2008, our caring (expert) friend had his first view of our home (from outside only, while vacant and locked *tlr); wherein he observed, discovered, and with trustworthy (Utah State Certified) associates as witnesses, began the disclosure and documentation of our dangerous furnace exhaust and fresh air adder installations.

After returning home
(Feb 25th *tlr) from our hospital stay, we received a call from our friend and were informed of our home heating's dangerous situation – and so, as he instructed, we ran our furnace with opened windows to combat the problem until he could return and mitigate the situation.

MikeParleyScottJohnOnRoofIn the early morning of
Feb 29th, the 4th day after our return, our friend arrived, brought Media (John Hale of the Sanpete Messenger / Deseret News *tlr) and (former *tlr) Senator Parley Hellewell (owner of PPM Inc. Orem Utah; a Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning and State Certified CO monitoring corporation operator for many years *tlr) with his State Certified CO specialist, Michael Anderson, as well as local Plumbing Contractor, Scott Layton (owner operator of Layton Plumbing, Manti Utah *tlr), to witness and third-party-certify what he had already now disclosed.  He also has had several other trustworthy and State Certified experts (to be referenced herein later *tlr) to witness and certify his findings during his investigation and disclosure. These have all been brought together by this experienced expert and caring friend of many years, Thomas Rodgers, who selflessly used his medical, environmental and mechanical training, and diagnostic expertise -- persisted, and did the required Diligence, Discovery and Disclosure of our home's toxic CO problem.

On that same day, February 29th, the fresh air adder port into furnace house air fan chamber was sealed (during his first interior access - then permanently Mar 12 *tlr), so that the strong suction produced by the main (
house air circulating *tlr) furnace fan can no longer draw any more toxic exhaust in from the roof – and we've been running the furnace with windows sufficiently opened (as instructed *tlr) so that the home can obtain enough fresh air to now safely allow our infant and family to breathe cleanly.

Many people have now witnessed video footage of the furnace exhaust being drawn right back into the house via the fresh-air adder, which unfortunately was installed with great negligence – in extremely close proximity to the furnace and hot water heater exhaust flues on the roof…and especially hazardous to our local snow potential conditions – since those flues are also very short and stubby and happen to be located on the north-facing, shady side of the roof where snow is protected from the sun and inclined to pile up and remain.  The combustion air supply return on the furnace flue begins to be blocked off with just 6 inches of snow on the roof – and is completely blocked off with only 9 inches of snow on the roof.  That greatly diminishes the oxygen supply to the combustion chamber of the furnace and exponentially increases the carbon monoxide levels in the exhaust – which has had easy access for re-entry into the living quarters via the fresh-air adder – hazardously installed in very close proximity (under 4 ft *tlr) to where the exhaust exits the flues.

We hope that this information helps the good people in our community understand our own situation more fully – and encourages them to check their own homes; especially those in manufactured and mobile homes which were built out of area and moved in and not re-outfitted for our high mountain valley snow potentials – as our friend has disclosed.
We are grateful to this wise, dedicated and very kind friend, Thomas Rodgers for his discovering this extremely serious life-threatening situation – who persisted as a stranger and persona-non-grata, to do the required diligence and get the information out to our local (and State *tlr) media, Utah State and Community officials – and to those listening families with similar violations of furnace installations that he noted and also worries about in our community and everywhere.

Thank you,
The Grateful Father of Baby Daniel.

See Video footage, photos and other information above and herein linked:

*Notes inserted in
(italics -*tlr): is data added for medical, technical and legal clarity by Thomas Rodgers

Father's illuminating Letter:
Now see the Father's wonderful letter which describes the parents life experience, his medical training, perspective and wisdom, which had already benefited their older children, now preserving their baby, and was written in the hospital towards the end of baby Daniel's 14 days of hospital stay: 
"When Philosophies Collide"  (our webpage version) see or print word document direct from baby Daniel's father.

Many of my Professional Fellows, Locally and Nationally, who have seen the data and now understand the truth in this family's house and water heating poisoning situation and events, have stated that if the family had not already been living such a careful, healthy lifestyle, which they had been living long before they moved into this home and gave birth to Daniel, and this undiscovered, unique and subtle, immune system suppressing winter-long exhaust poisoning event had been additionally complicated with Winter's otherwise easily transmitted communicative viral and bacterial illnesses, it could have assuredly killed the baby and more severely harmed the older members of the family, even mortally! TLR 3/24/08

Notice the devastating change a winter of breathing undetected toxic vapors does bring to a whole family:
    This picture of this handsome Family was taken prior to their trusting purchase and move into their Manti home, and depicts the comfort and closeness of this well bonded, carefully living, happy family, (as witnessed by their old Ward, friends and neighbors in Salt Lake) with each enjoying their lives together in unencumbered health and vigor.
Family before move to house in Manti
    This picture was taken in Salt Lake, Fall of 2006. 
Their Manti home was purchased in May of 2007. 
Baby Daniel was then born August 31, 2007, just at the beginning of this year's deviant Winter of unusually deep snow with deep cold and abnormally high heating demands. TLR 3/25/08.
    After a full winter of being poisoned by odorless, tasteless, colorless Carbon Monoxide fumes, David, is clearly viewed here as gaunt and weakened. 
    In  voice and view, David's physical decline was immediately obvious to me (with my experience in Pathology) as the signs of subtle poisoning, which matched the fact that his work-day is in inside the same home, with the same furnace and water heater situation that severely poisoned his baby!
 Parley &l David Feb 08
    My caring and kind friend, Honorable Senator Parley Hellewell (drove 92 miles and gave up a morning without pay for me, so that he and his specialist could witness my disclosure and verify my findings) explains to baby Daniels' father, David how this error in design and installation by the manufactured home builder and getting past inspection, harmed his precious infant, as well as him and his entire family, all seriously and potentially mortally. TLR 3/25/08.
 Sen. Hellewell's 5/8/08 Affidavit
Click photo or here for better view of Senator Hellewell & David.

Subsequent Documents Submitted by the Father:  (italics = new since 7/3/08 & 7/10/08)

Those who have direct responsibility for your safe residency: Those who are Responsible!

Those who know -- and also have a fiduciary or simply a "brotherly" obligation to alert or protect you:
 -- Those who know -- and have known now for over 6 months. Please ask these individuals -- many with authority or professional responsibility who are party to or have been made known of this case early on, and in whom we have placed our implicit trust (and pay) -- what they are doing to correct their own actions in this case; then what they are doing to prevent this harm and loss for all other innocent trusting family's found with the same life threatening circumstances! -- that possibly includes you, your own infant and children, your family, the elderly, the handicapped and others you may care about and love!

Another Hearing (charade) was held for this innocent family: Tues, July 15, 2008, in Manti, Utah. -- Then Final, 21 Oct, 2008
See Commentary on Baby Daniel's 7-15-08 Court Proceedings here
by Susan Sorensen, Sanpete County Constitution Party Chairman!

Courtroom audio of that Hearing is linked from her letter so you can know of what Susan speaks.
 -- Even with all this irrefutable evidence above, which has been exposed to you and presented to all those responsible and to those other public servants who have known for over 3 months (as listed on these linked pages and documents), the State of Utah, DCFS, IHC Manti Clinic, IHC's Primary Children's Medical Center, the AAG, Guardian ad litem and Judge Paul D Lyman of the Sanpete Court continue to act to burden and prosecute these innocent parents as if they harmed their baby, and that this evidence of HUD, the Federal, Utah State and Sanpete County code and inspection failures, and IHC Medicine's deliberate refusal to test for, or admit to any Environmental poisoning as the true cause, does not exist.  

So even though the father David Conrad has lawfully filed a petition for appeal (based on the original courts refusal to act on material fact), the new Social Worker brought the ridiculous DCFS service plan
for the parents to sign (as opposed to the Father's proposed service agreement based on fact) -- and by so signing the DCFS plan, they the family would admit to being incompetent and being the perpetrators of a crime against their child -- instead of HUD, Utah State and malfeasant Medicine each acting in their colluded failure to protect the public and this family in the trusting purchase and safe occupancy of a home which these agencies certified as safe, and of the Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning facts, for which IHC Medicine intentionally refused to test, consider or ever acknowledge (even if just to rule out under honorable diagnostic and true scientific protocols)!

-- So another disruptive, expensive (to taxpayers) and family traumatizing Court
hearing with Judge Paul D Lyman was held Tuesday, July 15, 08, 2:45 pm at the Sanpete County Courthouse, 160 North Main, in Manti Utah.  As you would expect, AAG Julie Lund, DCFS, GAL Michael Jorgensen and Judge Paul D Lyman continued to support the deliberate ignorance of fact perpetuated by IHC / PCMC Medicine to profit them all at the family's, baby Daniel's and the public's expense -- and with nothing to do with the true welfare of infant Daniel, his family, or you!
Truth finally prevailed! -- not because the Court, DCFS, IHC or PCMC wanted it -- but because you friends of justice did!
   On Oct 21 2008, Tue. 3pm Sanpete County Courtroom, in Manti Utah a final hearing was held.
   Utah's AAG Julie Lund and DCFS had originally petitioned that this family be further injured by finding the parents with CONTEMPT! and be jailed for not consenting to treat their now robust, happy, healthy baby Daniel for the bogus IHC / PCMC diagnoses (never based on fact) of "Kabuki Syndrome" and the misdiagnosed and invented genetic, endocrine and malnourishment nonsense! -- all nothing to do with the actual cause, Carbon Monoxide poisoning, which the State and IHC / PCMC Medicine deliberately covered-up and ignored, so actually sent the baby and his family back into, that could have killed him, his siblings and his parents! -- had I not intervened, prevailed and prevented!
 -- Thanks. everyone who attended Court! Your attendance, observance and witnessing at this hearing, in support of this family, the truth and due process compliance, was effective and appreciated!  With our truth and your loving support, truth did finally prevail.

Tom RodgersDear friends:
     Please be patient with me as I do all other tasks to inform my legislative, administrative, legal and media friends of the data which exonerates this innocent family, and also labor to inform you of facts through these time demanding web pages, while I also must try to help take care of other people's problems, even nationally and internationally, and also meet my own family and personal obligations on my scant personal resources only.

   Do you know of anyone else who cares so much for an infant, family or friend, or is just too plain dumb to know better, so gives up comfort, time, all he has and will drive 140 miles a half dozen times and more (in a friend's borrowed vehicle), to correctly diagnose and correctly identify an illness and cause (which no one else did), and to set outside through several brute cold nights and only get fits of sleep (and frostbite) in the sub freezing cold to catch a killing furnace exhaust and breathing air intake configuration in the act?  Then to tolerate (for the moment) the obstruction of the offending collusion of Government Manufactured and Mobile home
regulators, designers, contractors, distributors, -- and worse, their profiting end-use and benefited unscrupulous (as cheap housing units purchasers and cheap labor filling) businessmen and collaborators, who stoop to vicious and hurtful fabrications, even using ridiculous and vile ecclesiastical lies, political influence and hate-filled threats as a diversion to delay and impede my investigative efforts and disclosure as their housing and consequent labor-fraud expositor, while setting aside my own needs (like my broken dental partial, burned out clutch, my own roof and home repairs, etc, etc) to do this labor without pay (on only $714/mo. Social Security), simply out of my shear love for the health, physical, mental, emotional and familial safety, happiness and well being of precious infants and their innocent families, and nothing more?
   Maybe these humanity abusive, cheap housing and cheap labor profiting antagonists and those others who they have coerced or duped, are right, and I truly am nuts! But at least I don't have to apologize to my Maker or His Angels for it! He (my Maker) holds the lives of (all His) infants and (all His) families as most precious! -- And so do I!
   -- So even at the price of losing all my own
resources, my own peace, my own needs, my own comforts and my own public and ecclesiastical reputation -- while these now exposed slickly sophisticated hateful antagonists in pious sophistry and money facilitated contempt have labored viciously to assault, defame and destroy me and this truth which I have identified and exposed -- I know, as I have preserved the life of another child and another family, I am OK with my Lord once more and forever in this one!
   Thanks for your patience and understanding.  
More photos, videos, charts, expletive drawings and document links will be added as my time and meager resources permit, so please plan to return periodically for more information and help as I can add it.
   Please share this website and its lifesaving furnace flue configuration information with every one possible! -- while these vicious and amoral businessmen and their pocketed medicine, law and bureaucracy labor to choke off media cooperation, medical and governmental correction, and suppress this information and the massive malfeasance exposure, and the endless human injuries and mortality indictments this disclosure opens against them!

    Also see an earlier case of mine involving an older Conventionally Constructed Home (in, the Thaxton-Christiansen "Mormon Tabernacle Organist" grandchild's case) wherein a furnace replacement and the malfeasance of the State caused the death of one infant -- and a year later nearly killed another, as the whole surviving family (just like this Conrad family) was returned (by IHC, DCFS, the AG and the State of Utah) to re-enter and live in their same toxic home! And they (like the Conrad family here) would have been further poisoned or died had I not been contacted and asked (though curious common answers to both the mother's, Carolee Thaxton's and the grandmother's, Diane Christiansen's prayers, like David and Mary Conrad's) and done my honorable and genuine diagnoses, diligence and discovery in that event -- just as I have done in this current case for David and Mary Conrad! --
    -- And, as in this case, you will see in the Thaxton-Christiansen experience, the similar saddening Contractor, Inspection, Bureaucratic, 
Medical and Legal incompetence, evasion of responsibility, collusion and cover up, leaving that innocent death sorrowed and injury victimized Thaxton-Christiansen family still "guilty", damaged and bankrupt. And though discovering and disclosing the true cause I effected the return of their second son from the State, even now, 7 years later, still not legally exonerated by the money corrupted DCFS and Utah State Court, they are struggling to recover and survive, never recompensed (nor exonerated) for the death of their first precious son, nor the bogus (IHC) medical treatment charges and damages to their second son -- including the eight months of hellish separation trauma and the biologically stupid interruption of the critically important nursing and bonding period done by the State (and IHC) to their second son!

    Please be aware of your own potential Carbon Monoxide poisoning risks - and that of your
single moms, young families, elderly or handicapped neighbors.  Absolutely make sure your own and their flues do not get or remain covered with snow. Absolutely make sure the combustion air intakes -- normally the lower bonnet over the fatter pipe -- also is open and clear of snow. And even more critical, that fumes are not being brought back into your home though a too close Fresh Air Adder stack, as you have seen and learned about here, or other close openings into your house's interior air.

    As I have traveled to document this family's home, I passed scores of similarly configured homes and permanently set house trailers in my route; and I also have been told of several unusual infant and elderly deaths in the Community in this deep snow and extra cold Winter.
   There are several hundreds of these short stacked, close fresh air intake configured manufactured homes and trailers in this one County alone. I have sighted and observed hundreds
(now along with currently adding reports, there are apparently thousands) more throughout the West and the Central United States -- anywhere and especially where low cost housing is provided for and occupied by rural or migrant laborers!  
    Many living in the manufactured and mobile homes set for the Hurricane Katrina victims have also suffered similar poisonings
in this years unusual brutal Winter which they in the Midwest and Gulf Coast also experienced as well! (but the "Authorities" have tried to blame it all on H2CO, ie. Formaldehyde, from three year old dried glues? Please spare me that diversionary ignorance! Remember Formaldehyde, H2CO, is a gas burn exhaust product always accompanying Carbon Monoxide, and is specifically elivated in a secondary or multiple-burn of primary created Carbon Monoxide: heat+CO+H2 [H2 being available from atmospheric Hydrogen or steam] = H2CO, that is, Formaldehyde! Pathetically most of those FEMA contracted, HUD specs conformed manufactured homes and trailers have the exact or similar heating exhaust installation configuration lunacy as was designed, approved and delivered in this Manti Utah family's HUD regulated and approved, manufactured home.)

    Carbon Monoxide is the number one accidental poisoning event in the U.S. (and in the World); yet is the number one untested, unreported, untracked, intentionally ignored and uncorrected poisoning cause. Why? Its simple identifying test cost is only about $40 and its actual treatment is very cheap: Simple Clean Air! -- while psuedo-diagnosing, claiming and treating for each of the every other disease symptoms it causes or
mimics, saves the Construction and Inspection Agencies only a little more labor, materials and money, while it brings Medicine, Bureaucracy, CPS, the Courts and the Lawyers endless thousands of dollars -- through creating chronically Carbon Monoxide damaged unwitting patients out of innocent parents and their "State marketable" more sensitive, more sickened children!

What you must do:
Please check
your own and your friend's homes for the same Exhaust Fumes contamination possibilities that you have seen and learned of hereYou must save your own infants, your loved ones, yourselves! -- and your likewise endangered friends!
 -- Sadly it appears that too many inside bureaucracy, in whom we have placed our implicit trust and have generously paid (though our taxes, including in our house payments and rents), have acted without competence or honesty, nor truly cared about you and your family's health or safety over their own convenience, commodity, or profit! -- So you cannot depend on anyone coming to your rescue except yourself or others who care for you.

Fire Departments and Heating Utilities Suppliers (Natural Gas, Propane, Oil, Coal) usually have professional Carbon Monoxide detection equipment and should be called in with any suspicions of poisoning.
 -- Do Not trust your life and safety -- especially the life of your infant -- to any store bought Carbon Monoxide detector, as they are not sensitive enough, nor accurate enough. -- see CO detector sounding in Police Report (in and the Davis County Clipper Article by my friend/associate Dr. Jay Bishop and reporter Melinda Williams 

Also DEMAND Carbon Monoxide (Carboxyhemoglobin) testing from your Doctor, Clinic or Hospital! --  -- They will often refuse, resist and delay (and claim that since your CO detector did not sound, it cannot be CO that could be your illness' cause) -- but persist and immediately demand this simple one-more-button push on the Blood-Gas Analyzer (or the older finger-prick and pipette drawn drop of blood for the easy, inexpensive, [light-spectrum] Carboxyhemoglobin analysis).
 -- For some reason the Medical industry (AMA) has deliberately removed this diagnostic procedure from their "Best Practices" general diagnostic protocols in the last thirty years. -- Why is that?

>> Our suggested no-cost temporary fix, to prevent your poisoning, is linked in the  green  table below.

Notify and apprise authorities of your situation and its consequences (injuries, illness, or harm you have identified):
        If you are in a HUD certified manufactured or mobile home, or any other home where your Furnace and Water Heater exhausts (and Sewer Vents) are similarly short and close to your Fresh Air Adder intake as you have seen in this case, I suggest as you consider your harm; document and photograph what you can; then;
Contact your US Congressmen and your State Legislators. (see:
Contact your Community & State authorities covering Inspections (usually in Dept of Commerce).
and your Local and State Health Department authorities (as well as your own Medical providers).

-- (but be prepared to encounter denial, ignorance and apathy.)  [If in Utah see: Those Responsible]

Then absolutely:
File your complaint against HUD and against HUD's Manufacturers!
1. From, go to Complaints: click on the Fraud, Waste & Abuse; click on the Online link.
Classify your complaint as:  "SERIOUS MISMANAGEMENT - a significant failure by a HUD program office or a program office entity that is due to managerial incompetence or inattention."

2. Go back to: 
Complaints -- click Manufactured housing and also file your complaint against the manufacturer.

I suggest you duplicate your complaints and send copies to all those Federal, State & Local officials listed above. Also file copies with your County Recorder for dated certification & future reference

In the meantime, you must take steps to prevent further poisoning possibilities of you and your family!

  What you can do to prevent your poisoning! -- until proper Government correction is made!
1. Close off HUD's "Dilution Air Intake" - then make sure a window or two is left slightly open.
2. Keep furnace & water heater exhaust stacks clear of snow! (When possible extend height.)
>> View a simple Temporary Solution, with instructions on our "Temporary Solution" page!

    As a caring friend please inform your neighbors who also live in these same type homes!
-- See a regular home case of Medical and Bureaucratic malfeasance with CO in
-- We have also started an education and self help effort:  (&.us)
-- If you are Native American, or have Native American friends, see 
-- If you are Spanish or have Spanish friends, see (or .com)
-- A more provocative approach to this evil against all is at or

I would also would appreciate an email, phone call, and or letter
from you (you might also include copy of your HUD complaints). I want to know that you have seen this alert, and
as I am working with oversight committee Congressmen, and am being scheduled to appear before Congress, I want to develop a numbers and knowledge base of your experiences as I lay out this issue and its problem with our State, Congressional and HUD bureaucracies who created and allowed it, and now must correct it.

Please help me get this word out!
     Much of the Local and National Media and Bureaucracy have had this information but with all else happening in the news or with conflict of economic interests, most have not yet been able or have chosen not to create and publish the story to everyone that needs it. But you, I, our Nation's vulnerable infants and effected families personally cannot wait, while the Mainstream Media do their (legal - which they must) research, write and deliberately edit to not libel the very Industry and Bureaucracy who may or may not have created and allowed this problem in the first place, -- or the Medical establishment (including the Pediatric and Psychiatric - treating the consequent physiological and neurological damage) and all their associates, who, by default or intent, may have overlooked doing correct diagnoses and finding true cause, -- yet have profited from it!

     So I beg you to please accelerate this information by not waiting, for the time being, by bypassing
broadcast media and newspaper's time demanding, cumbersome or refusals to publish processes, and share this site with all you know, while also contacting and encouraging all Media and Government efforts for me.

 -- We have Winter-like cold nights returning in the high mountain communities, and families without knowing, are being poisoned, with their innocent babies, the house bound, elderly and the handicapped still being damaged, and more potentially dying! -- In my science, experience and
logic, I know it, and the data provided in this website proves it. And without the instant broad and caring cooperation of Government, Medicine and Media, I feel frustrated and helpless to stop it -- even if it is to save only one more infant or one more precious family member from being made ill, damaged or lost to one more poisonous night or day!
 -- Thomas L Rodgers  3/18/08, edited 6/9/08, 6/17/08, 7/4/08, 8/3/08, 8/12/08, 9/24/08, 10/21/08, 11/13/08, 11/14/08

Tom RodgersQuestions or challenges refer to:
Thomas L Rodgers,
LifeSave Biological Research & Education,
PO Box 304, Bountiful,Utah 84011-0304 ]

801-298-9095  (or

     I want to give special honor Joshua Moses Bennett for freely helping advise David Conrad in preparing his papers and arguments for the Court. Joshua has also served as a witness and recorder for me as I opened this case to many of the responsible players as listed in page "Those who know"
     Thanks also to Jorge Riveros with opening his political, ecclesiastical and media contacts for me (some listed) and caring about those thousands who are left in harms way without warning, so no attention is brought to their existence even being here.
     Thanks to long time friend and science colleague, Dr Jay Bishop, for immediately recognizing the truth which I identified and disclosed. Then for standing up for me and the innocent victims being injured in this medical and bureaucratic debauchery. For being a second scientific witness to my disclosure, as well as defending me and my integrity in the face of the amoral and evil men injuring me (including professionally, economicallly socially and ecclesiastically) in their attempt to discredit me, suppress my disclosure and cover up their own negligence, incompetence, malfeasance and fraud (which could have killed this child and destroyed this family -- as it continues to do to 26 to 34 million unwarned others).  TLR  6/7/09

Fliers:  Please open, print and share:
1. Easy to share "Gassing America" Flier: DanielFlier-LegislativeNotice-BackToBack.doc  (single sheet, back to back)

 Deseret News, SLC Ut. Elaine Jarvik's "In The Air - Carbon Monoxide Crusade: Duo's War Against HUD" or  pdf

 Press Release - CO Warning To All Residents In Manufactured And Mobile Homes.doc (23 Sept 09)

Need for caring friends to identify and mitigate for victims  - GassingAmerica-LoveThyNeighbor.doc

5. Your Mobile Home may be Poisoning You and Your Family -- What you can do right now to be safe!

 Legal Americans being left to injury / death to cover-up housing of illegals  - HUD & FEMA Kill, HHS covers. . .

Other (older) Fliers:

Flier: FlierComplete (Webpage)    FlierComplete (MSWd)   in Spanish Daniel Aviso en MSWord
Press Release: Press Release - CO Warning To All Citizens - 2 Sept 08 - State Closed Eyes (MSWord)
Public Notice: Public Notice - (2 Nov 08)(MSWd)
Legislative / Public Notice:  LegislativePublicNotice (MSWord)
      [Back page for Legislative and Public Notice: "Those Who Know":  Back-ThoseWhoKnow (MSWord)]
Utah Legislature Initial Notices: UtahLegislatureInitialNotice-Senate,   UtahLegislatureInitialNotice-House
Utah Legislative / Public Notice (followup page):  UtahLegislativePublicNotice (MSWord)

> As of 12 March 2010                                                                               
-- See my (T Rodgers) testimony with others before EPA (FEMA and HUD) Investigative Hearing in New Orleans 3/4/09.
(Original transcript in pdf only came today, 12 March 2010, after asking for it one year -- my testimony is referenced on page 96, then begins on page 114 and finishes on 125.  On a projection screen, I had set up video of smoke and photo of deathly ill infant -- yet my description of what was being viewed by the committee and audience is curiously missing. But I have inserted the photos and video that was projected that day so you can see what the transcript has left out.)

> As of 6 May 2010                                                                                   
HUD's MHCC - Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee meeting, Fall 2009, DC (Arlington Va.)
Minutes, with my (Thomas L Rodgers) presentation, testimony and discussion references included.
-- And my report of following 
MHCC meeting Mar 28-30, 2010, Tulsa, which I just returned from Sunday.

Questions:  Thomas Rodgers,   call 801-298-9095 (anytime)    email:
          Mail:  PO Box 304, Bountiful, Utah, 84011-0304

Oct 21 2008 in Sixth District Court of Utah, truth prevailed as the State had to admit and rule that my friend was right!

Baby Daiel free of State and its bogus Medicine      Finally free from the State (as of Oct 21), as well as free from the State's bogus Medicine -- who never diagnosed me for my illness's real cause -- and would not even respond to the facts of my winter poisoning when it was proved to them! -- In fact only three days into their possession of me, they refused to do a simple Toxicology Series (Ecotoxicology analyisis) including Carboxyhemoglobin (to at least easily rule in or rule out Carbon Monoxide), when my poisoning was correctly diagnosed by my true friend, simply in his experienced physical observations of me (and my parents); at which he immediately requested -- and even had my Legislators who he had petitioned for me, also make the same request to the Physicians -- but the Physicians and Hospital ignored and refused even them.
     Then again at seven days, after he (my true friend) had traveled 140 miles to my home, investigated, discovered, photographed, documented, obtained wittinesses and demonstrated facts, and presented that evidence to them, they still refused to accept fact or treat me properly -- and even returned me unwarned back to my toxic home!
     Thankfully my folks knew our devoted friend was right, and in their perfect love of me they held true to his diagnoses and his exposure of fact, and gave me eight months of their pure love, my mom's wonderful mother's milk, her pure foods, and safe air! -- the honorable "prescription" of our true friend!  
     Now look at me!  I am so happy to be alive, with my parents, with my brothers and sisters, and with my true friend (and his friends) who really did care about me!  He saved my life! -- and is still laboring here to save yours!   -- Baby Daniel Conrad

Daniel 20 Months Good Air and Happy )Oxt 09)A year has now passed since my picture above. It is now October 2009

     Contrary to the malicious diagnosis, actions, claims and predictions made by Local and State (IHC) Medicine. DCFS, the self-serving Lawyers and the State of Utah in their attempt to take me and profit through the destruction of my entire family -- instead, correctly nurtured with 20 months of my family's pure love, pure food and Pure Air (no more of HUD's malfeasantly designed and State allowed toxic Carbon Monoxide) -- I am happy, healthy and progressing!  Yahoo, lets ride!

Mounting my trusty steed (Oct 09) 

Lets ride (Oct 09)

-- Thank you, Tom Rodgers, for saving my life, and that of my family! -- and now, as you have identified and disclosed, even millions more!  You are my unselfish, true and honorable friend!
  -- Baby Daniel Conrad  10/8/09                                                           (All photos/videos of BabyDaniell.htm)  / / -- you are here.    
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      Please know that none of this life-saving information would be discovered and exposed if it where not through the humble, kind sacrifice of my dear friends Paul and Mary Mendenhall Paul on his land-- who are also struggling against other immoral opportunists who wish to short value or extort Paul's land, which was his inheritance and his only asset as a handicapped man with Cerebral Palsy from his birth.  So please also see Paul's story and help share and expose it to all you know in return for his care for the lives and safety of your families through his humble sacrifice with me and making possible this effort for you.Our experienced friend Tom Rodgers Paul did that though loaning me his prized vehicle (Ford Ranger pickup) which I had to borrow and use (since my own is broke down, still) to travel, investigate, document, publicize, and expose; then inform you in this webpage. So please put Paul and Mary in your prayers, then honor them and show thanks for his and Mary's love for you and your children wherever possible by sharing their story, while sharing this website with all, and supporting this labor being done for you and those you love or care about too. Paul's (and Mary's) story is seen at:

TomBettyI am grateful to Paul (and Mary) for kindly loaning me his vehicle, which in having to return, I am now again without transportation -- as this more than 2½ years of effort has dearly cost me, my supportive (kind-hearted, indigenous) wife, and my children, ALL I the resources I have had. Thankfully three other dear, kind-hearted friends, Shirley Norsworthy, KK Fowlks and Lynn Johnson have given all they could spare to make trips possible to DC, Tulsa, to my Katrina Victims and Native American (including 
NCAI) gatherings. Please, if possible, donate a little to at least help me keep these websites open with this lifesaving information being made available for you and others you may care about and love! -- and maybe also so I can fix my 90 Plymouth Voyager again (maybe even fix my own broken dental partial) and hopefully keep my own utilities on which I have put off paying so I could keep the web open, struggle to write, meet with officials, the public and with the victims -- to save (hopefully 34 million, including my now dearest Katrina [New Orleans, Mississippi Delta and Gulf Coast] victim friends and my Native American relatives and friends) innocent lives!  
(I have been ask to go to DC for my NCAI friends and their infants; I need another small miracle for that.)

Thomas L Rodgers                        (sometimes misspelled as the more common "Rogers" - but am not offended.)
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