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HUD's MHCC - Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee
--  Minutes of July 28-30 2009 Session, Arlington, Va.

-- including my, Thomas L Rodgers', testimony, July 30, 2009 --

The MHCC, or the Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee of HUD is the
Congressionally mandated over-sight Committee which proposes, debates and sets construction standards for the entire US Manufactured / Mobile Home production Industry:

I notified HUD and this Committee, so was allowed on the last day of its 2009 Fall session in DC area (Arlington, Virgina), July 28-30, 2009, to present this issue in the Public Input part of their program. I showed photos, video, documents and discussed the poisoning problem which their 1976 established venting code was allowing potentially up to 34 million occupants in America, and wherever else these units are used, eg. in Military, etc., to be put at risk and experience.

I was able to connect my Lap-Top Computer to their Projection equipment so that all present were able to see the photos (below), videos, documents, hear my testimony and discuss with me, the issue and how to correct it.

Exhaust vapors Furnace to Dilution IntakeOn a large projection screen the MHCC committee and all present could see Baby Daniel (left) in the depth of his (and his family's) winter poisoning experience, created by dead winter air to
the prevalent mild breeze (right to left, west to east, with this home), as seen in this active (.gif) photo (right).

So all saw and understood the irrefutable evidence of the Furnace Exhaust (pipe with double bonnet at right - in active photo above) and its toxic gases passing towards the "Blend' or "Dilution" (breathing) Air Intake
(pipe with single bonnet at left), then being drawn in with the power of the furnace circulation fan, which is creating the strong vacumn at that intake, capable of drafting in as much as 15 cubic feet per minute, and mixing it (hence its label "Dilution" Air Intake) with the furnace-heat-exchanger-warmed breathing air of the home which is then distributed though the heat ducts to every room, hence circulated throughout the home and being inhaled by baby Daniel (or anyone else's baby) in his family's (Manufactured) home along with all the family, occupants and visitors inside.

The rest of photos which were shown at this meeting are currently presented (for all to see) throughout these interlinked websites
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Now see Minutes of this HUD's-MHCC, meeting in Arlington Va. July 28-30, 2009, with reference to my attendance, presentation, testimony and committee discussion on this issue -- at following link.

Minutes of MHCC Meeting (document is in PDF -- linked here):
See these specific pages for my testimony and attendance

Page 6: (July 29) Announcement to committee of my intent to arrive and personally present facts of issue.
Page 9-10: (July 30) Minutes recording my presentation, testimony and discussion with committee.
Page 22: Attendance of all present including me: Thomas L Rodgers (in Arlington Va MHCC meeting. 

MHCC meeting Mar 28-30 2010 Session, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

     I just now again returned from their subsequent Spring Session, MHCC Tulsa Mar 28-30 2010MHCC meeting Mar 28-30, 2010, Tulsa Oklahoma.
    They, that is, HUD and their MHCC leadership changed the pubic input time (to the 29th, the date of my flight to Tulsa) and voted (without me, as un-invited and not present) to enact a ridiculous "still murderous" substitution of our proposed correction (still in violation of all other code agencies standards) which will do nothing to prevent the poisoning of Manufactured and Mobile home occupants, but only makes appearances to the (unskilled, exhaust dynamics ignorant) public and make them think it is safe.
     I will give you my record and response to that pathetic action by them in a few more days as I am able.
     I am trying to recover from the personal economic damage through my trip to Tulsa with only eight dollars in my pocket (6 of which my daughter gave me as she drove me to the airport) and a borrowed airplane fare. And now my utilities (gas, phone) and websites are being turned off because of my unplanned, unnotified. uninvited and unaided trip to Tulsa in my efforts in trying to save as many as 34 million humble folks in America from being poisoning at the hands of incompetent (and sometimes purely malicious) bureaucrats and their contemptuous collaborators, exerting their injurious (in this case, subtly murderous) control upon the industry and their trusting clients since June 15,1976!
      -- Obviously they (HUD and their insidious manipulators) don't even care about the good men and women of the Manufactured and Mobile Home manufacturing industry itself, who have been improving and trying to produce and sell a safe, practical and affordable product to their customers -- as they were doing competitively and honorably before HUD usurped authority and immediately (also as of June 15, 1976) ordered (among other construction lunacies) this heinous venting violation to be done by all manufacturers -- forcibly bringing all their previously independent creative efforts, and their once competition driven improvement intentions, designs, labors, livelihoods, investments and reputations into suspicion, injury and contempt as well!

     My simple desire is to correct this problem, forced by HUD (and FEMA) upon the Manufactured and Mobile Home Industry, and as a consequence, upon their trusting customers! I am demanding correction so that no one is hurt anymore! -- so that both the Industry, its Distributors and those purchasing and living in their units can flourish -- so that all will prosper and be benefited!
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