- / MHCC Proposal Form - Venting "Kevin Jewell" 01 Sep 09       
Email Submission of Ventilation Correction to NFPA's Robert Solomon,
as drafted by MHCC board member Kevin Jewell:
per my (Thomas L Rodgers) public input testimony (July 30) and demonstrated evidence (videos and photos)
in HUD and NFPA's MHCC meeting held in Washington DC on July 28-30, 2009
(See Minutes MHCCFinalMinutes7-28-30-2009.pdf, bottom of page 9, top of page 10:
"Mr Tom Rodgers,..etc")

Subject: Re: MHCC Proposal Form - Venting
From: "Kevin Jewell" <>
Date: Tue, 01 Sep 2009 13:44:04 -0500
To: "Solomon, Robert" <>
CC:, "Sue Brenton" <>


Attached is a completed MHCC Proposal form intended to reflect the
public testimony of Mr. Rodgers.  Please add this to the MHCC proposal
log for formal consideration by the committee.


Kevin Jewell


MHCC Proposal Form – Venting pdf

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