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 Communications and Proposed Resolution to NCAI
 -- and BIA during conference in DC, Feb 28 - Mar 3, 2010

Communications and proposed Resolution to NCAI (Pres Jefferson Keel and staff)
and BIA (Larry Echohawk and staff) during conference in DC, Feb 28 - Mar 3, 2010

Emails (associated with phone calls) during Conference in DC Feb 28 – Mar 3, 2010:

Subject:  Proposed Resolution for NCAI (conference in DC now) on Undisclosed and Suppressed Poisonings suffered by Native Americans

From:   Tom Rodgers

Date:    Sun, 28 Feb 2010 08:24:00 -0700

To:        Annarae, Amber,, Stephanie, Ron

CC:       Tom Rodgers, JESSE Mississippi Formaldehyde, Becky, Jay

Dear President Keel and all NCAI Executive Board members

(Annarae, Amber, Stephanie, Ron please forward to President Keel and all other NCAI Executives and members for me - I do not have their emails handy at this moment.)

Since I just yesterday learned of your NCAI conference in DC, I am sending this quick draft of my Resolution proposal in an honorable attempt to inform and thereby save lives of those precious Native American infants, vulnerable individuals and family members before any more needless injuries and deaths occur from this egregiously created poisoning problem, which has been deliberately kept silent, ignored, even refuted, to cover the malfeasance and negligence of the profiting businessmen, professionals and bureaucracies that originally conjured this life-threatening, life-taking problem over three decades ago.

I have discussed this issue fully with Larry EchoHawk and he is open to a discussion with you when he is presenting in your conference this week. I am also sending him copy of this email and its attached proposed Resolution, etc.

I wish that I could be there in DC myself, but my battle to save the lives of already betrayed people has left me also in poverty. even worse than them, with my only pay being the grateful love of those mothers, grandmothers and families whose loved ones my knowledge and my labors have worked the miracles needed to spare their lives.

My heart continues to sorrow greatly for those precious thousands more who have not been allowed to be protected and preserved from this awful poisoning, through the deliberate suppression of these facts and the outright assaults, injures and obstructions suffered by me at the hands of deliberately evil men, and through the self-centered apathy, unbelieving and uncaring of sadly most everyone else.  So please be found counted with me, as worthy of Heaven's honors, and worthy of the love and respect of our mothers, grandmothers and humble families in this life-saving labor that weighs so heavy upon my shoulders -- which I now pray will be willing accepted and shared, in this Nations saving of thousands, through equal carriage upon yours.

Please see the attached copy of my proposed Resolution, (ECWS-10-XXX-015-NCAI-inDC-Resolution-CarbonMonoxide-ThomasRodgers.doc)

See the referenced websites and the other documents, fliers and news articles linked there-from -- and here. (One excellent news article from the Desert News in Salt Lake City Utah is photo copied and attached for you to print-off and carry with you here. However better copy is available at Deseret News on their website directly as:,5143,705289487,00.html).

After reading purposed Resolution, please immediately call me back with instructions of what I should do more to get it the issue presented and resolved in all affected Native American Communities.

Thank you.
Thomas L Rodgers


See attachments

1. ECWs-10…PurposedResolution…          5. DesretNews…

2. DanielFlier/LegislativeNotice…                6. NoteToUtahGovPage1…

3. PressRelease…                                       7. NoteToUtahGovPage2…

4. GassingAmericaLoveThyNeighbor…       8. ExecutiveOrderUtahGov…

Subject:  Proposed Resolution for NCAI (conference in DC now) on Undisclosed and Suppressed Poisonings suffered by Native Americans

From:     Tom Rodgers

Date:      Mon, 01 Mar 2010 11:00:36 -0700

To:         Larry Echohawk bia

CC:        Amber Legilative Associate NCAI, Tom Rodgers, Jay, Janis G bia, Alberta J bia


Here is copy of my email with my purposed Resolution for NCAI Executive Board members as delivered to them this morning.

I have also attached photocopies of a quickly scribbled note I gave to Gov. Gary Herbert (at our Legislative Sessions this last Friday) and Lt. Gov. Gregg Bell - who gratefully claims the information which he received from me at our Thanksgiving Point Native American Summit Conference saved his own and his families lives from their subtle poisoning in their home from his (un-detected previously) faulty furnace, after he read and recognized in his own family the same symptoms I defined for CO poisoning (see attached Daniel Flier... and expanded symptoms list on my websites). --

-- Please take a moment to call back and talk to Gregg (and Gary) about it. I reminded Gregg (and Gary) that we have ~120 thousand other families, including several thousands of my own Native American relatives and friends, in Utah alone which need the same life-saving blessing which he (Gregg) received from me and my labors that day with you in Lehi, Utah

I have also attached a copy of a purposed Governor's Executive Order for Utah State, drafted by my friend and witnessing fellow scientist, Dr. Jay Bishop of which we gave his first draft to Gov. Huntsman, then repeated copy to Gov. Herbert after Gary was installed to replace Jon, just before our meeting with you, Gary and Gregg at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah.

I pray that this life-saving information will go out to all my Native American families to let it help save their lives -- as it has done with our kindly Lt Gov Gregg Bell and the loving families that were inspired to turn to me and caused this issue to be discovered and exposed in my efforts to save their precious infants.

Please discuss this with Pres. Jefferson Keel, his staff and all of NCAI.
I wish I could afford to fly and be there with them today, but this battle to save so many lives has left me destitute.
Please give them my respect and my caring love for them.

Thank you.
Thomas L Rodgers


Subject:   Re: Proposed Resolution for NCAI (conference in DC now) on Undisclosed and Suppressed Poisonings suffered by Native Americans

From:      Tom Rodgers

Date:       Mon, 01 Mar 2010 14:42:28 -0700

To:          Jefferson Keel NCAI Pres, Michele T for Pres Jefferson Keel NCAI, Stephanie J for Pres Jefferson Keel NCAI, TomRodgers

Pres. Keel

(Michele and Stephanie please make sure President Keel has this email and these attached documents)
This (above) is a copy of an email that should have got into the hands of Larry EchoHawk so you can discuss this issue with him. Also check with Amber Ebarb at the NCAI conference, as I did get to discuss this issue with her earlier too.
Thomas Rodgers 801-298-9095

The National Congress of American Indians

Resolution #ECES-10-### (015 ?)


TITLE: Carbon Monoxide / Combustion Exhaust Fumes Poisoning Risks to many occupants living (or working) in Manufactured and Mobile Home type living (or office use) units! – specifically within those created since 1976 which all where manufactured under the regulatory power of HUD, up to and including all current HUD and FEMA (Katrina) units procured for or made available for Native American Individuals, Families and Communities.


WHEREAS, we, the members of the National Congress of American Indians of the United States, invoking the divine blessing of the Creator upon our efforts and purposes, in order to preserve for ourselves and our descendants the inherent sovereign rights of our Indian nations, rights secured under Indian treaties and agreements with the United States, and all other rights and benefits to which we are entitled under the laws and Constitution of the United States, to enlighten the public toward a better understanding of the Indian people, to preserve Indian cultural values, and otherwise promote the health, safety and welfare of the Indian people, do hereby establish and submit the following resolution; and


WHEREAS, the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) was established in 1944 and is the oldest and largest national organization of American Indian and Alaska Native tribal governments; and


WHEREAS, since 1976, when the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Renewal, known as HUD, took over the regulatory power over the nation’s Manufactured housing industry, it has acted in conflict and in violation of all other regulatory codes and common sense, and allowed the construction of Manufactured and Mobile home units be built with a “Dilution” Air Intake (a furnace blower fan powered intake to bring supplemental breathing air into the dwelling / living space air while the furnace or air conditioning is operating) to be installed on the roof at a distance as little as 3 feet from the furnace (and occasionally the water heater) exhaust stacks, also with short stack heights (as short as the roof jack or flange passage lengths will allow and to save cost – which are generally under 18 inches and even down to 6 inches), thereby allowing, when weather conditions are such, to place the occupants at subtle to severe risk of exhaust fumes inhalation, including deadly Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, and all other associated combustion toxins  poisoning.

Reasonably 1 out of every 4 occupied units and usually only the house-bound family members or individuals in them (infants, handicapped, elderly) are likely to experience some subtle to serious levels of exhaust fumes contamination due to the unit’s position relative to the prevailing winds and weather patterns, while the other 3 in that same community may not experience any detectable exhaust contaminations because they are setting at different angles such that the winds carry the exhaust in directions away and not crossing the Dilution Air intake. So most people will not believe the problem exists because of their own good fortune (because of their unit’s non-contusive-to-contamination position or because they and all their family members get abundant recovery time breathing clean air outside their home, e.g. being at work, school, or other activities outside their unit).


Also since 1976 the Medical community, (specifically through AMA control) HHS and Community Health Agencies have deliberately ceased to regularly test for, identify and treat Carbon Monoxide and the other associated combustion toxins, including Formaldehyde (as they did with the Katrina victims for 3 years plus, and even today have never tested, told or justly treated), so that thousands of deaths and injuries (temporary, handicapping and permanent) have gone un-identified and unpublicized. And through their (the Medical industry and HHS) unconscionable (malfeasant) choice to ignore this most prevalent of poisoning experience of all humanity, they have left the Native American communities and the general United States public medically betrayed, oblivious, uneducated, hence unconcern – even unbelieving of the seriousness and prevalent nature of this life-threatening, life-taking and life-damaging risk. 


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the NCAI does hereby take steps to warn, educate, and intervene to prevent further poisonings (which result in deaths and injuries, both temporary and permanent, to all families and individuals living in said Manufactured and Mobile home type units so heated by any form of combustion (Propane, Gas, Oil or Stokered Coal, etc) as supplied by the Manufactured / Mobile Home manufacturing industry since 1976, all of which by law have been constructed and distributed through and under the regulatory power of HUD.


Also that all Native American Medical practitioners and services shall immediately implement and / or demand that Carbon Monoxide blood or respiratory evaluations (Carboxyhemoglobin testing) (and Formaldehyde and other combustion toxins be tested for, where is reasonable to suspect – and specifically with all of the current FEMA unit procurements) be done on every person entering any clinics or hospitals servicing Native Americans for any illness and from said Mfd. or Mobile type living (or business use) units – especially in the cold weather periods (where any combustion type heating is utilized) and always if their home (or business structure) is a Manufactured or Mobile Home type unit manufactured or obtained since 1976 to date.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this resolution shall be the policy of NCAI until it is withdrawn or modified by subsequent resolution.


Submitted 26 Feb 2010  by: Thomas Lynn Rodgers,

Mailing address: PO Box 304, Bountiful, Utah, 84011-0304   (Resides: 390 W 1500 S)

Phone no. 801-298-9095 (please call anytime – also forwards to cell phone when out)



Refer to following websites for evidence with videos, photos and documentation, media articles, instructive fliers and for simple no-cost immediate preventative actions, and for forms to present HUD and the Government for permanent repair and redress for losses. (  or (or .com) – the family poisoning event that exposed this issue., &

(Resolution - original in MSWord)

Note to Gov Gary Herbert and Lt Gov Gregg Bell about NACI Conference in DC

Not to Ut Gov page 1 of 2

Note to Utah Gov Page 2 of 2
(copy in PDF)




As Governor of the State of Utah, I hereby execute the following temporary order:


la. All Building Safety Offices in Utah will henceforth require that buildings to be placed or constructed for animal or human occupation by residents, workers, customers, or visitors will conform to the following safe breathing air provision against carbon monoxide poisoning (CO), before a permit for occupation is issued, and this order will remain in effect until the State Legislature replaces it with a permanent regulation to provide equivalent safety for the occupants. This also applies to buildings designed by HUD (federal Housing and Urban Development) or other agencies or manufacturers whether for permanent or temporary occupation.


lb. Any vent to supplement breathing air of occupants must draw its air from a source 12-feet or more away from every exhaust-vent from combustion of heating fuel [and sewer vents]. If the breathing air vent is on the roof, its source must also be at least 3-feet higher than the combustion exhaust vents, to avoid the danger of cavitation (see websites listed) from snow that may cover them, permitting poisonous CO to go directly to the breathing air intake.


Building Safety Inspectors must stop giving permits to HUD homes or those like them, until they are made safe. Most HUD homes and similar houses have supplemental breathing air intake vents about 3 or 3.5-feet from the exhaust vents. This causes serious danger to the occupants from poisonous carbon monoxide fumes, resulting in death or illness, especially in winter. To make matters worse, the occupants assume that their illness is the flu, keeping windows tightly shut to keep out cold air, and they may even burn camp heaters or kitchen range for more warmth. This depletes oxygen even more, which causes still higher concentration of CO. The flu has the same symptoms as CO, but may also have fever. Those infected suspect flu, but may die from CO.


There are many millions of houses in USA with this danger of CO, and many hundreds of such houses in Utah. Occupants are NOW in the worst danger period of cold weather, and fuel combustion for furnace, water heater, and other heaters.


2a. The Utah Legislature is ordered to act at its next session to make safety regulations for occupants of new buildings equivalent to the safety provided by the preceding temporary Executive Order.


2b. The Legislature is also to work toward protection for current occupants of existing houses, by informing the news media to educate the public of the importance that each home owner check the safety status of the house, and follow up with any of these corrective measures that are applicable.


3a. Provide immediate safety: Cap off the supplemental air intake vent, by putting a heavy garbage bag over it and tying or taping it down, or by taping a plastic lid over the end of the 4-inch vent. Open a window a bit, on a side of the house away from furnace exhaust, to let in extra air for breathing and combustion.


3b. Then reroute the air-intake-vent permanently to a source at least 12-ft from exhaust vents, and close the window up again.


3c. Inform hospitals and medical clinics that if they have patients complaining of influenza, the patient should he tested immediately for carboxy-hemoglobin, to detect CO poisoning, if possible, just in case it is CO instead of the flu, and then should be given the above instructions for making the house safe.


Draft consideration for Gov. Gary Herbert of Utah

Written by Dr Jay Bishop for and based upon discovery and suggestions of fellow, Thomas L Rodgers – Reference his websites,, and,,

And also see by Becky Gillett – to include Formaldehyde poisoning issue as well

(Executive Order Utah Gov - original in MSWord)

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